What Fears Can Be Overcome with the Help of Games?

by | May 10, 2017 | Entertainment Feature


Fear is that feeling that you get when you perceive danger. Fear alters your organ functions, your metabolic rate and behaviour. There are several fears that you can overcome with the help of games.

The Fears That Games Help You Overcome

  1. Entomophobia

Entomophobia is the fear of insects. With several years of gaming, you can be able to overcome this fear.

A good example of an insect that is feared by human beings is the cazador. This insect is never alone. Wherever it goes, it is accompanied by several other cazadors.

  1. Kenophobe

The same applies to kenophobe. Kenophobe is the fear of voids. Places that have no ceilings and walls terrify kenophobes. Voids imply emptiness and feeling lonely for a kenophobic person. This type of fear is also associated with the fear of solitude.

  1. Anarachnophobe

Another fear is the fear of spiders also referred to as anarachnophobe. Games like minecraft and Legend of Zelda are terrifying. They make you experience a fear that is similar to what you will feel in real life. With these games, you can be able to confront the fear of spiders.

  1. Stress and anxiety

A horror game is capable of making you sense your fear and can help you overcome it. Nevermind, for example, is a computer game that is capable of sensing fear. It is a horror game enhanced by biofeedback. It takes one into the dark world in the mind of a psychological trauma victim. The aim of this game is to give the player an unforgettable encounter and to teach the player how to be aware of his or her internal response to a stressful situation. If you are able to control your anxiety with Nevermind’s disturbing realm, you can be able to overcome the inevitable real world stressful moments.

Ways of overcoming Entomophobia


  1. Playing Fallout.

Fallout is a video game that contains a lot of insects that cause entomophobia.

  1. Conductual therapy.

This entails confronting your phobia in a safe environment. This is mostly done in small steps and at times through imagination if the phobia is strong.

Most games with such themes at 888 casino in UK can serve the conductual therapy purpose. They are able to put you in an extremely unrealistic experience. Even horror games whose aim is to scare the player provide unrealistic experiences that most players can relate to.

The difference between games and what you encounter in real life is that:

  • Games are safe.
  • You will never get injured when playing and this can easily empower you.

Bottom line is that if you have any phobia, it is worthy allowing casino games to serve as a bridge in helping you tackle it. Legitimate fear can make your life difficult but with games, you will be able to overcome it.

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