5 Tips For An Adventurous Summer Trip

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Travel Featured

It’s never too late to plan a summer vacation. And this year, why not think about doing something a little bit bolder than usual? One of the most common regrets people have when they look back on their lives is that they didn’t travel enough. People wish they’d found ways to take more vacation days or squeeze in more three-day weekends. It’s a great thing for everyone to keep in mind, though it’s also worth considering that squeezing in extra vacations doesn’t necessarily mean that much if they’re all the same. That’s why I want to focus here about some less typical, more adventurous ways to spend a summer trip.

Turn A Hobby Into A Trip

If you think about some of the things you like to do during the summer, chances are you can come up with a hobby or activity that could be turned into a vacation. If you like to surf at the nearest beach, for instance, take some time to research some of the world’s most beautiful surfing beaches and make a vacation out of it. If you like to meet up with friends or family at the nearest lake to fish on a nice day, explore the idea of finding a fishing lodge at a gorgeous natural getaway. You get the idea. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be an active hobby! You can also make a trip to see a favorite soccer team or tennis tournament if you’re a sports fan, or book a studio tour if you’re a sucker for summer films. The possibilities are as varied as the things you like to do in a given summer.

Chase A Story (Or Legend)

The world isn’t just full of beautiful places; it’s also packed with thousands of years’ worth of fascinating stories, mysteries, and legends. If you’re the type who enjoys your history, you can easily plan a trip around some of these stories. For some, that might simply mean trekking through a favorite chapter of history, say by visiting Rome and touring ancient sites, or by touring England to soak up the inspiration of royal families and literary icons. Or, if you prefer a little bit more whimsy to your exploration of the world, you can spend a week chasing a favorite lesson. It doesn’t have to be a trip to Loch Ness or something of the like either. You might find a surprising amount of inspiration at o3p.com, where there are active discussions on all kinds of fascinating conspiracies and phenomena. You might just figure out the perfect remote stargazing spot at which to watch for a UFO!

Try A Service-Based Journey

When you think of summer vacations, your first thoughts are probably of relaxation and amusement, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. The point of getting away, be it for a long weekend, a full week, or even an extended hiatus, is to escape the pressures of everyday life and recharge in whatever way suits you. But don’t overlook the idea of a service-oriented trip in lieu of a standard vacation. You can still make your way to a stunning destination just about anywhere in the world and find an organization to work with assisting those less fortunate than you. It may be less relaxing, but rest assured it will have a bigger impact on you than a standard trip – and in a different sort of way, through rewarding experiences and fond connections, you’ll probably even enjoy it.

Document Your Trip

Regardless of where you choose to go or why, another way to spice up a summer vacation is to take the time to document it. A lot of people start travel blogs via casual trips and never end up stopping! You can do the same with relative ease these days, given how simple it’s become to set up a website. But you can also explore other means of reporting your adventures to your friends and family. An article written several months ago about the benefits of direct response radio noted that radio still reaches more people than any other medium. That’s surprising to some, but the point here is that podcasts, which in ways are like a modern twist on radio, have to be catching up. And you can record your own with relative ease! Documenting a summer trip via a podcast that you can make available to friends and family will add excitement to just about any experience you may have scheduled.

Travel In A Brand New Vehicle

If you’re more about the journey than the destination, you might want to consider the kind of trip that gives you more hands-on control over day-to-day transportation. The first thing that comes to mind in this regard will of course be a road trip, and that’s always a great idea for a summer trip. But to make it a little more adventurous, consider splurging this year and buying a new vehicle just for the journey, if you can manage it. That dream car of yours can make the road trip all the more special, and in fact you can also apply this idea to other forms of travel. For some, a motorcycle is even more tempting than a new car. And at boatcrazy.com, you might even discover that procuring a new boat is a surprisingly simple process, if you’d like to take the same kind of trip but do it from port to port instead of city to city. Whatever you prefer, this is a very flexible type of trip that can be the ultimate thrill when executed well.

Ultimately, these are just a few of many ways that you can design a more interesting or adventurous summer getaway. But they should help to get you thinking about how you’d like to spend your next vacation.


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