Food You Don’t Want to Miss When Visiting Tel Aviv

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Travel Featured

Going to Tel Aviv for vacation? Then, you are in for a good adventure. Part of this adventure is your chance to try Israeli cuisine.

According to NY Times, Israeli cuisine has adopted the different styles of Jewish cooking along with Middle Eastern, Levantine, and Mediterranean, Russian, and East European foods. A trip to Israel’s second largest city, Tel Aviv, is a perfect chance to try out these dishes.

  1. Kouign-Amann

Kouign-Amann, a Breton cake, is made from the same dough used in making croissants. It is round and crusty, and is dusted with salt and sugar to caramelize the crust.  Half of this cake is made of butter. When you look at it, it’s really similar to any puff pastry. Any cafe in Tel Aviv offers Kouign-Amann, so be sure to try it.

  1. Hummus Masabacha

We can’t talk about Israeli cuisine without mentioning hummus. Hummus is perhaps the most prevalent dish in the country. It’s so popular that there are ice cream shops that offer hummus flavor. However, don’t just try any hummus. Hummus Masabacha is garnished with paprika, lemon, chickpeas, and tahini. Eat it with hot pitta bread, and you’ll have a perfect meal.

  1. Falafel

Despite the fact that hummus is the most well-known dish in the country, more than half of Israelites actually prefer Falafel.  It’s hard to tell now in which country Falafel was first invented. However, one thing is for sure– it’s an important element in Israeli cuisine. It is made from chickpeas or fava beans. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both. You’ll find Falafel in the menus of all restaurants in Tel Aviv. It does not matter what your budget is; you can find one that can serve it to you. Popular street food joints that offer this food include Mifgash Osher and HaKosem.

  1. Gluten-free Schnitzel

Foods come in trends, too. As of this year, schnitzels have caught the interest of Tel Aviv locals. In fact, gluten-free schnitzels are so popular that they are completely sold out within minutes in restaurants like Jaffa. The best thing about this dish is that it is good for those who are sensitive to the food they eat and are health-conscious. You can also get this dish from Hakovshim Bistro and Cafe Noir Restaurant.

  1. Kanafeh

Kanafeh is an Arabic Levantine dessert that’s popular all over the country. It’s a cheese pastry served with sugar-based syrup. This pastry is often heated with butter and white cheese, and topped with another Kanafeh. Some locals also add orange blossom or rose water into it. To finish the dessert, pour some syrup.

  1. Shakshuka

If you want to go traditional, give Shakshuka a try the next time you book flights to Tel Aviv. Shakshuka is a little similar to huevos rancheros as it is a mix of tomatoes, peppers, and coriander then served with eggs. However, it’s definitely a native to Israel. In fact, it’s one of the most popular breakfast dishes in the country. One of the best places to try this dish is in Medeli Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Final Thoughts

Good food is good food. Don’t miss a chance to try some of the world’s best dishes by visiting Tel Aviv’s most famous restaurants and street food joints.










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