Having Immigration Problems? When Do you Need an Immigration Lawyer

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Health Featured

The process of immigration appears like a very simple affair, especially if you’re reading about it in the newspapers or watching proceedings from your TV. In reality, immigration is a complex and tedious procedure that will often take a toll on your time and energy, or even sanity. Luckily, in most cases, half the battle is won by hiring a reputable immigration lawyer.

Whether your immigration issue concerns visas, marriage, citizenship, deportation, adoption or green cards, you will want to remember that the potential pitfalls in this field of law are boundless. It is, therefore, unusual to see people starting down the immigration path without seeking legal assistance. This is not to mean that there are no issues that do not need you to consult with an lawyer.

If, for instance, you are merely looking to visit the US for a vacation for a definite number of days, you will not require getting a visa; thus, legal counsel would be unnecessary. However, in most cases, engaging the services of a knowledgeable lawyer will come in handy in saving you time, money and more importantly, aggravation.

Hiring a lawyer who practices immigration law becomes imperative in any of the following circumstances:

When Involved in Immigration Court Proceedings

If you are an immigrant, and you’ve been detained by the immigration authorities in the US or have had your application for citizenship rejected by the USCIS, you might find yourself dealing with immigration court proceedings. Similarly, successful request for an asylum after entering the US will see your rights and claims for relief being decided by an immigration magistrate within the EOIR (Executive Office of Immigration Review).

Attending migration proceedings without a lawyer would be a huge mistake, especially where deportation or removal are imminent. If the proceedings are over or are on appeal, your entire case will be placed in the power of the courts. Attempting to employ similar application procedures to people who are not in the proceedings will soon prove to be a futility. Even after the culmination of the proceedings, you will need to consult with a lawyer to see if the outcome impacts on your current application.

When You are Inadmissible

Inadmissibility is among the most common legal hurdles encountered by potential immigrants. The consulate or the USCIS could legally cite specific grounds for inadmissibility to deny your application. If you think you had previously lied to the US government or otherwise committed a crime, then it’s advisable to secure legal assistance before initiating the application process would be imperative.

When Encountering Delays

Sometimes, the USCIS or the consulate will fail to act on your application or take too much time approving it. This is often attributable to reasons to do with bureaucracy as opposed to the law. It is also not unusual to experience delays at the USCIS Service Centers. While lawyers have restricted power pertaining to such scenarios, they can at least access the email inquiry lines or inside fax. An immigration lawyer will have the necessary mandate to inquire about delayed or problematic cases.

Whether you are having doubts about your eligibility for a green card or citizenship among other immigration benefits or you require emergency assistance with a certain immigration matter, hiring the best immigration lawyer is highly recommended. Similarly, if you have received a notification of deportation or removal proceedings or you have had your immigration application denied or refused, engage legal assistance for enhanced ease navigating this complex field of law.

Immigration law will often involve preparation of huge volumes of documents and filling of multiple forms. These are either very confusing or time-consuming to be dealt with without the assistance of an immigration lawyer.


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