Is the Future of Online Gambling in Mobile Technology?

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Technology Featured

Rewind the clock about two decades. If someone were to tell you back then that more people would be watching videos, playing games, and enjoying other entertainment on a small 4-inch or even 9-inch screen, what would have been the general reaction?

Absurdity, right?

Of course. Ten years ago flatscreen TVs were incredibly expensive, still relatively new on the market. But 50-inch behemoth television sets weren’t that uncommon. In fact, the average home in the U.S. and throughout much of Europe already had at least one TV set that was more than 40-inches. With increasing screen size, why would anyone consider it okay or even appealing to be watching something on a tiny screen?

Enter the Smartphone Age

When Apple released the iPhone, then the iPad, it was game over for what many people expected would happen. Sure, TVs got thinner, weighed a lot less, and much bigger, but cell phones took a turn, too. Now it seems almost everyone is using some type of smartphone technology, and it has completely changed the landscape of many industries.

The Online Gambling Industry Is One of Them

Given that millions of people are now using smartphones and tablets almost every day, a large percentage of these men and women forgoing the ‘bulkiness’ of traditional laptops or immobility of desktop style computers, apps are the ‘in’ thing now.

If people want to play games, they download an app. If a website wants to maximize efficiency, it is built with responsiveness in mind (meaning it can be viewed well on traditional computers as well as small smartphones and tablets).

Online gambling is taking note as well.

Whether it’s a simple review, like 888 casino review, or a more robust site where one can play a wide range of games, options, and get the real thrill of gambling wherever they are, people are using mobile technology more every single year.

There are significant differences, though, between online gaming apps and traditional web-based platforms. The web-based platforms don’t require the user to download a program; they can be played from any system using almost any browser. This is convenient for those who want to experiment, try different gaming systems, and who are more comfortable with the browsing mentality.

With a mobile device, an app has to be developed for the specific device, or OS (operating system). So, in order to maximize exposure to the largest base of potential clients, a gambling developer would need to consider apps that would run on iOS (Apple), Android (Google), Windows, and other systems. That’s simply not needed.

However, sports betting and casino apps (as opposed to web-based platforms) have a greater likelihood of continually bringing people back to use their apps. After all, there are only so many apps that can be stored on a smartphone and people will generally stick with what they know.

In order to stay relevant, it’s essential for companies to not just acknowledge the impact modern technology has, but to embrace it. For the online gambling organizations that do, tomorrow is brighter than ever.

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