5 Top Places to Visit in Tel Aviv

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Travel Featured

What is Tel Aviv? A lot of tourists consider an Israel capital as a point from where they can visit historical cities like Jerusalem or the Dead Sea. They all make the same mistake: they remain so agile to visiting Holy places that they forget visiting any attractions in Tel Aviv. This is not fair as your vacation will become much more complete if you not rush to search for a bus going to Holy places. Stay for one day in this beautiful city and visit its 5 brightest landmarks, which always remain attractive for tourists.

5 best places to visit in Tel Aviv:

  1. Jaffa: Come to the seaside in a downtown of Tel Aviv and walk for 20 minutes for attending one of the most beautiful old cities in Israel. Jaffa remains a city, which you will not regret visiting after flights to Tel Aviv from New York as its restored historical architecture and attractive bazaar area can show you the history of Israel, its cultural and everyday life;
  2. Tel Aviv Museum of Arts: Visitors of that attraction cannot even imagine that they can find works of Degas, Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and other modern artists. Anyway, this is where they can not only find legendary works but stay fascinated by beautiful and smart architecture of a whole building (which is both new and allowing to observe all pictures in more comfortable way);
  3. Dizengoff circle: This remains a real central plaza, where you can find a lot of objects to make photos with. They include a rainbow-colored Fire-and-Water fountain, the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Contemporary Art and Habima Theatre;
  4. Lod: Although taking place in the area close to Ben Gurion International airport, this place is probably the oldest in this city. Founded by Benjamin tribe, this place was one of the most honored religious places in the Byzantine Empire. You will find that by visiting Orthodox St. George Church and a 12th century El-Khodr Mosque;
  5. The Eretz Israel Museum: This is a place where you can find out more about the history of Israel, its ceramics, science, writing history, etc.

What else to do in Tel Aviv?

Have you already visited these 5 places? Why rushing again to your dream of visiting Jerusalem and other Holy places. Stay here for 2 days, enjoy Tel Aviv amazing beaches and markets. Here you can taste native food of Israel people which you will never try anywhere else in this World. If the weather stays not that hot for sunbathing – walk across streets, observing beautiful city architecture. Although buildings are not as old as in Jaffa, they are still attractive and worth seeing.

If you think that level of which you know Israel history is not enough, there are also Haganah Museum and the house of Ben-Gurion welcoming anyone who wants. Qualified guides will provide you with all necessary facts enriching your Israeli culture knowledge and its way to freedom. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs to your relatives and friends making the most from your journey to Tel-Aviv.

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