High-Class Custom Shops for 1911 Guns

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Business Feature

Named the “Close Quarters Battle Pistol” (M45A1) by the Marine Corps in 2012, the in-dubious 1911 gun model has not gone a long way from the hearts of warfighters and people on call since its first introduction to the forefronts in 1911. It’s turned out to be iconic to the point that it’s in the hand of each plastic toy trooper falling off the mechanical production system – quintessential to the very firearm culture itself.

However, much has changed since 1911. The first Colt 1911 gun is something only the most hardcore of collectors can typically get his hands on. It’s a gun that has positively withstood the trial of time. Here are a few of custom 1911 pistol shops that reclassify the style and execution of Browning’s warhorse.

Cabot Guns

One of the best-known custom developers in the 1911 field is Cabot Guns of Sarver, Pennsylvania. Inventive and driven, Cabot Guns has immediately cut out a reputation for being a standout amongst the most powerful custom shops in the nation. As proof of the organization’s demanding necessities, Cabot’s 1911 casings and slides are meticulously made to fit all the more precisely, accomplishing a slide-to-frame attack of 0.001 inches. It’s this level of accuracy that has made Cabot’s custom 1911s regular contenders in competitions.

Chambers Custom Pistols

Situated in Crete, Nebraska, Chambers Custom Pistols has turned out to be one of the head 1911 developers in a short measure of time. Guns made by Joe Chambers have been utilized to prevail upon 70 class titles at the NRA National Matches at Camp Perry, and additionally numerous other provincial, state and nearby competitions throughout the years.

Ed Brown

Another outstanding name in custom 1911 pistol circles is Ed Brown. The Brown family has earned a stellar reputation for the most elevated level of quality gun craftsmanship. They are known for going the additional mile by putting more hand fitting and finishing into their guns, bringing about the absolute most appealing guns accessible anyplace at any cost. Notwithstanding all the cutting edge inspection techniques and hardware utilized, each gun is precisely hand-fitted, hand-finished and hand-assessed by one of the Browns before it leaves their office.

Fusion Firearms

The previous leader of Dan Wesson, Bob Serva, began Fusion Firearms. Serva has worked with the 1911 stage for more than 20 years and comprehends the quality guidelines that are expected to construct the finest custom 1911 pistols. Fusion’s custom builds incorporate work with 6-and 5-inch-barreled models and Officer and Commander variations, and additionally hybrid 1911-style plans.

Heirloom Custom

A standout amongst the most experienced and regarded 1911 custom shops is Heirloom Precision in Tempe, Arizona. Home to three extraordinary experts, Heirloom has a long-standing reputation for making exceptionally perfect works of art. Each firearm it assembles is made to the client’s correct specifications and wants, and all things considered, all Heirloom’s weapons are full-house guns. The organization’s gunsmiths work over the entire gun and leave no part untouched. While the organization will take a shot at and assemble anything the customer requires, Heirloom normally concentrates on full-sized 1911-style guns.

Jardine’s Custom

Jardine’s Custom Gunsmithing fabricates delightful, especially accurate and exceedingly solid custom 1911 handguns. Brought up in a group of gunsmiths, John Jardine is an ace pistolsmith who has enjoyed a merited reputation for remarkable work since 1965. The organization’s 1911 guns are exceedingly prized cases of old-world craftsmanship and commitment to building the absolute best in a modified 1911 and 1911A1 style handguns. One of the more interesting custom handguns John has delivered is a two-tone 1911.

Republic Forge

Proprietor Benny Deal’s organization hasn’t been around for quite a long time as of this written work, yet you’d never know it from the gems that are leaving his reality class 1911 gunsmithing shop in Perryton, Texas. All firearms created at Republic Forge are made by hand with American parts, one weapon at a time.

Stan Chen Customs

Since 2001, Stan Chen has made a portion of the finest custom 1911 guns on the planet. Stan Chen Custom 1911s are prized by genuine fans of the genuine custom 1911s who perceive the contrast amongst “great” and “really wonderful.” The shop uses in-house CNC prototyping and manual processing, surface pounding, accuracy TIG welding, warm treating, hardness testing and a huge collection of custom instruments to accomplish its eye-grabbing end product.

Volkmann Precision

Situated in Littleton, Colorado, Volkmann Precision has built up a strong reputation for delightful and dependable guns. The organization will sufficiently offer custom alternatives for its customers with the goal that they can really make unique guns without fail. While not as costly as some other custom shops, the firearms leaving Volkmann are fabulous pieces, equally at home in either the collectibles case or on the range.

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