Medical WordPress themes – How to identify the right one

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Technology Featured

When it comes to designing a medical website, utmost care should be taken that your website conveys the accurate message that you want to put across to your clients.

So, in this write up, let us find out which WP theme will be best suited for a medical website. Let us explore the various options.

Selecting the best Health and Medical WP themes

An important thing that you have to be prepared for while selecting the theme for your website is that there has to be a lot of customization. This is mainly for the patients or their families that want to browse updated information about health and medical related topics.

Also, there are times when medical professionals also want to look for information on the web. So, the basic features that the WordPress theme for medical website should possess include-

  • Easy navigation
  • Simple presentation
  • Timetable plug-in
  • Interactive interface, just to name a few

Top WP themes to choose from

Given below are the most popular of all WordPress themes that you can opt for. These are as follows-

  1. Medical Pro

Majority of the patients are apprehensive about the quality of treatment that they will receive when they approach any healthcare center. Owing to the fact that “extensive customization” options are available in this theme; this is one of the most sought after WP themes. Other features include 4 unique header layouts, full color palette, 12 page templates, and Google fonts galore. You can also opt for higher levels of functionalities. In other words, a lot of precision and care has been taken to develop this WordPress theme.

  1. Wellness

One of the unique features of Wellness is that it is equipped with an in-built system for taking appointments. This allows patients to book an appointment from the website so that you don’t have to physically visit the healthcare center to book an appointment or call or send someone to take one. Layouts have in-built page builder and pre-designed layouts for the ones that have less time to spare in designing a website.

  1. HealthFlex

The most important USP of HealthFlex is perhaps its “bold design” that offers it’s very formal look. As far as layouts are concerned, they are designed with Visual Composer plug-in. Aside from this; you also get to see animations. Most importantly, there are these so called “separators” that demarcate the different sections in the website. One of the most popular medical WP themes, it is elegant and offers a professional look.

  1. MediCenter

This WordPress theme is basically suitable for projects, assignments, and businesses that are related to the health and medical field. There are dominant “color accents”. The layouts are boxed and the best part is that these layouts can be interchanged and altered that can give rise to more than 25 different combinations.

  1. Health & Medical

The Health & Medical WP theme focuses solely on healthcare niche. As far as page speed is concerned, it delivers well. You will also find adequate space for putting up testimonials aside from offering you the option of selecting from among more than 14 custom widgets. Since the color control is of an “open” nature, the layout can be configured to meet different businesses.

The essence, tone, and theme of the medical website should be such that visitors are able to put their trust in it and most importantly, the fact that you really care for your clients should be conveyed by all means. But for that you have to select the right theme and it goes without saying that there is no better option as far as theme and putting up your content is concerned other than WordPress themes.


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