New Ledge Series Rods Released by Lew’s

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Sports Featured

Just before spring season kicked in, Lew’s introduced a new Mark Rose Ledge rod series. The collection includes poles and reels alike so as to speak to the needs of anglers who want to get a perfect setup right off the bat. The series includes both casting and spinning rods, one of which boasts a telescopic design.

Any angler is aware that such a construction is beneficial for those moments when you don’t know for sure if a fishing occasion will arise. It goes without saying that with traditional poles, one would have to look at their length, power, and action. All of these rules don’t apply to collapsible fishing rods, though, as they are made to satisfy one of the most basic requirements of summer fishers: portability.

Lew’s rods and reels have received a lot of praise over the years, and that’s mostly due to the fact that the brand utilizes quality materials in the development of such products. Take this new Rose series, for instance. It’s made with a unique nanotechnology that allows the poles to be constructed out of graphite and an internal multi-layering of resins.

The trouble with graphite is that, while it is sensitive and lightweight, it is not the most resilient material in the world. Various manufacturing companies, including Lew’s, have tackled this issue by adding carbon fiber or fiberglass to the core graphite construction of their poles. With the new nanotechnology employed by the brand, this process would not be necessary. Besides, the outer core of these poles is made from graphite, as well.

Unlike the poles in older series also belonging to Lew’s, these have full-grip handles. Older series used to come with split grips. All of the grips are made from quality cork with EVA so as to offer the benefits of both materials to fishermen and women.

Lew’s is a legendary brand from the United States. The company was created by Lew Childre, who began experimenting with homegrown bamboo so as to create the perfect rod for his favorite type of fishing. Because bamboo was not a common material in the U.S., Lew partnered with various Japan brands and came up with a series of revolutionary fishing rod components. Being perfectly aware that some anglers are willing to pay more for a quality product that enables them to use it time and again and for as many seasons as possible, Lew’s formed the basis of a unique friendship between American and Japanese anglers.

Recently, the company released the innovative Mach II Speed Spool SLP baitcast reel that comes with as many as ten stainless steel bearings and an anti-reverse clutch bearing.

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