The Best Time To Go On Holiday

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Travel Featured

Most people look forward to their summer holiday all year long but it can be just as good to in the winter or spring. It all depends on the sort of holiday you are looking for. Before you travel anywhere make sure you have taken the time to pack all your essentials. Applying for an E111 renewal is also important to make sure you are covered for any medical treatment you may need while away in Europe.


Summer is the obvious time to go on holiday if you are seeking sun, sea and sand. You’ll get your best tan in summer and won’t be rained out of doing any activities. Most popular resorts will be open all summer long and they will be at their most lively. However, summer is also the most crowded time to go on holiday because many schools across Europe take their summer holidays between June and August. This can mean that prices are higher in the summer too, when compared to out of season prices.


Spring is an ideal time to go on holiday, particularly if you are looking for a city break or a beach trip. This is because you will get the best of the weather and out-of-season prices. However, be aware that there are usually Easter breaks between March and April, where prices may be higher and places may be busier. Cities such as Amsterdam and Paris are beautiful in the spring, when all the flowers are in bloom. The only downside to going to popular beach resorts in the spring is that many of facilities, such as restaurants and bars, may be closed down.


Autumn holidays are perfect if you want to go on an adventure and have somewhere to come back and cosy up afterwards. The season for popular winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, begins in late November. Although this can depend on the weather that year, as if snow doesn’t fall most ski resorts stay closed. Cities really transform in autumn as all the leaves begin to turn. Autumn can be the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping too, as the prices are lower and the cities are much less crowded.


Winter holidays will really get you in the mood for Christmas. There are a number of specific Christmas tours and holidays you can book, such as a trip to the amazing Christmas markets in Germany. If you are looking for something more adventurous, this is the prime time to take a winter sports holiday, as the season is in full swing. You will find popular winter sports resorts are very lively during this period as it is their busiest time of year. You won’t be blessed with good weather between November and January, so if this puts you off then perhaps a winter holiday is not for you. Be sure to book your winter holiday in advance as many people book holidays around Christmas time.

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