The Importance of Training & Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Health Featured

Changing your lifestyle may seem like it requires a lot of effort. However, the results from a healthy lifestyle far outweigh the effort involved. If you want to remain fit and healthy, with decent mobility in your old age, then you need to make a change now.

As we age, it becomes harder to lose bodyfat and gain fitness, therefore, the best time to get started in changing your current condition, is right now. If you have no idea on how to turn things around for yourself and your health, then read through these tips that will help you recover your health and improve your quality of life.

Tips for Creating a Training & Diet Program

The primary factor that stops people from achieving their fitness goals is a lack of knowledge. If you do not understand the importance of health and how to achieve it through exercise then you may be intimidated by the whole process of getting healthy. Stepping onto the gym floor and seeing the busy bodies lifting weights and using cardio equipment can be intimidating, especially when you have no clue of what to do.

If you are a complete novice, then you could benefit from working with a professional trainer and nutritionist to develop a customized training and diet program for you. A professional trainer will assess your body type and biokinetics, and then formulate a training program for you that is based on your specific needs.

Only half the battle is done in the gym, the other half takes place in the kitchen. Eating right is as important, if not more important, than training correctly. You are what you eat and if you continuously eat refined carbs like flour and sugar, then you can expect your body to decline in health. Refined carbs increase inflammation in the gut, ruining the ability of the beneficial bacteria in your gut to assimilate the nutrients from your food.

This inflammatory effect is responsible for a drop in your immune function that will expose you to disease and health disorders. Eating the right foods will reduce inflammation in your body and help you recover from workouts while slowly losing body fat at a safe rate.

Tips for Effective Training

You can either train well or train poorly. The primary difference between the two is your use of correct form during the exercise. If the correct form is not used then you could expose yourself to a potential injury that keeps you on the sidelines and delays your progress.

Before you get started with your program, look up some YouTube videos on the exercises in your program and study the form intensely. When you are training do your exercises in front of a mirror so that you can monitor your form during the workout.

For the first month of your training program, you should focus on compound movements and core exercises. Your strength of your core determines your posture, which is the most critical component of training correctly. For some great ideas on ab exercises, visit

Tips for Optimal Nutrition

Nutrition is as important as training and demands your attention at all times. You are completely responsible for everything that passes through your neck, so make sure that you stick to your diet and avoid refined carbohydrates.

Prepare your meals in advance and if you have any issues in calculating your daily caloric intake, visit a professional dietician or nutritionist to receive a specialized, customized diet that will help you achieve your fitness and physique goals.

Create a Logbook & Track Progress

We live in the information age, so take this concept into your training and diet plan. Track everything you do in a journal and then review it every month to see where you are strong and where you are weak, as well as what is working for you in your training and your diet.

Progression is all about making small adjustments on your journey to fitness and good health. Schedule a follow-up appointment with your trainer and nutritionist and show them your log book. They will be able to use the data to monitor your progress and make the changes to your diet and training that will keep you moving toward your goals.



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