Why travel to America?

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Travel Featured

When it comes to holiday destinations, the United States of America has it all. From snowy mountain tops, picturesque beaches and bustling cities, there’s something to suit everyone if you’re holidaying in the US.

With well-known resorts and destinations, you may be planning the trip of a lifetime for your family. Disneyworld, Universal Studios and the Epcot Centre are just a few of the world-famous attractions situated in America. With great deals to be had, these types of holidays are becoming increasingly accessible for families and groups.

Booking your trip

If you’re planning to travel to America, you may be busy organising your schedule and ensuring you can see as many places as possible. Before you book your flights, however, you’ll need to ensure that you’re eligible to enter the country.

Although you may not need a traditional visa when going to the US, you will need an ESTA visa. Under the Visa Waiver Program, an ESTA visa enables citizens of certain countries, such as the UK, to enter the states for a period of up to 90 days.

As you’ll need an ESTA visa to travel to the US, it’s vital that you complete the online form correctly and leave enough for your application to be processed. Once you’ve got your ESTA visa in place, you’re free to confirm your destination, book your flights and embark on the holiday of your dreams.

Hit the shops

Depending on the rate of exchange, you could grab some bargains whilst travelling throughout America. In addition to the duty-free offers at the airport, many goods are cheaper in the US than anywhere else in the world.

In addition to this, many brands release their products in America before they’re released in other countries. With large shopping malls, famous brands and high-end boutiques, a holiday in the US can be a great time to treat yourself.

Explore the great outdoors

Whilst many people are keen to visit large cities or lounge on sandy beaches, exploring the wilderness can be an ideal way to see the country. States, such as Alaska, Colorado and California all offer a wide range of activities.

Whether you want to canoe downstream, kayak in the sea or hike through a National Park, America is a great destination.

Don’t forget – a trip to America can be the perfect time to try something new. In addition to horse riding, skiing and trekking, you may have the chance to complete a bungee or base jump, parachute out of a plane or even try an ice climb.

Discover the Big Apple

Although America has hundreds of wonderful destinations, many people choose to explore New York City whilst in the states. Known as the city that never sleeps, you’ll always find something exciting to do in New York.

Whether you want to climb the Empire State Building, stroll around Central Park, take a trip to Staten Island or visit the prestigious museums, the east coast has it all.

See the stars in Hollywood

If you’re heading to the west coast, you may be planning to stay in Los Angeles. Home to the famous neighbourhood of Hollywood, it’s a must-see place for film enthusiasts and celebrity fans. With chances to see the famous Hollywood signs and take tours of local celebrity hangouts, you’ll be able to visit the most iconic locations in LA.

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