Why You Should Take a Surfing Holiday

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Travel Featured

A surfing holiday is something that many people dream of, but only a few are brave enough to take the plunge. Surfing can be the ultimate escape and it’s suitable for anyone who’s willing to give it a go. If you’ve been considering packing your bikini or designer swimming trunks and taking a surfing holiday, here are six reasons why you should book it and hit the waves as soon as possible.

Challenge Yourself

It’s good to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes. Challenging yourself to try something new, if you’ve never surfed before, or to take on some bigger waves is the perfect way to do this. A surfing instructor will teach you everything you need to know, so don’t worry if you’re a first-timer.

Learn Something New

Taking a trip and learning a new skill is pretty impressive. That’s exactly what a surfing holiday has to offer you. Surfing is like learning how to ride a bike, once you’ve mastered the basics you only have to hop back on the board and it will all come flooding back to you, which means that you’ll have found yourself a new hobby long after your holiday has ended.

Enjoy the Adrenaline Rush

Extreme sports like surfing give us a rush of adrenaline which is unlike anything else. For thrill seekers, a surfing holiday is the perfect escape. The buzz that comes with catching a wave successfully is quite addictive, so you might find yourself catching the surfing bug after just one day in the ocean.

The Destinations Are Beautiful

When you think of surfing, you think of beautiful Australian or Hawaiian beaches. This is because they are some of the best places to surf in the world. Taking a surfing holiday will give you the chance to fully explore these beautiful locations, both on land and in the sea.

Meet New People

Sometimes you just need to go on an adventure and meet new people. If you participate in a surfing course or camp, you’ll meet plenty of other like-minded people from around the world. The support and encouragement you’ll give each other, as you transform from a wobbly beginner to cutting through the waves like a pro, will help you to form lifelong bonds. Surfing culture is both lively and relaxed, so you’ll have plenty of memorable nights out and day trips with your new pals.

Improved Wellbeing

Surfing is great exercise, you have to use a lot of core strength to remain upright. You’ll also be on your feet for most of the day and, unless you’re an expert, there will be plenty of swimming involved! All of this is great for keeping you in shape. Plus, exercise releases endorphins which improve your mood. There is not much more enjoyable than spending all day outside in warm weather and a beautiful location. So, your surfing holiday will leave you feeling healthy and happy long after you’ve got the plane home.

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