4 Reasons Why a Party Bus is Perfect for Birthday Parties

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Entertainment Feature

It is an all-too-familiar scenario: a family member or friend’s birthday part is fast approaching, and all eyes are on you to pull together an unforgettable event full of excitement and fun. No, you did not necessarily ask for this task, and you would not be upset (read: you would be thrilled and delighted) if someone else would take the reins of responsibility, and give you back your free time and peace of mind.

But at the same time, you know that people are counting on you to come through and, as always, you have every intention of over-delivering. And that his precisely why a party bus should be part of your game plan. Here are the four key reasons why:

It is an Adventure on Wheels

You have likely heard the old expression “the journey is part of the destination”? Well, a party bus dials this wise truth up to a whole new level, because it frankly does not matter where you travel: you and all of your party guests will experience an adventure on wheels that will leave them saying “wow” for weeks, months, or even years to come. You can head to a destination (e.g. fun center, bowling alley, water park, concert, sporting event, etc.), or you can just drive around for hours and have an wonderful time.

It is Fun for All Ages

A party bus is ideal if your invitation list includes a mix of age groups — from kids to seniors. You are in control of the food and beverage selection, as well as the music, lighting and the list goes on.

It is Cost Effective

Renting a party room at a community center is not just boring and predictable, but it is also costly. And if you head to a restaurant or hotel, the bill climbs even higher. But as mentioned, you never have to leave your party bus (unless of course you want to). The cost-per-guest is affordable and low, which is great news whether you are footing the bill, or if everyone is chipping in.

It’s Safe

If your birthday party is an adult-only event, then you may want to have alcohol on board. If so, then instead of having party guests take a cab to and from a party room or restaurant, a party bus lets you pick them up and drop them off at their doorstep. And speaking of safety: you can be assured that if you choose a reputable party bus company, that your driver will be a licensed and insured professional.

The Bottom Line

Birthdays come and go, but it is the memories that people either treasure for years and decades to come — or try to forget as quickly as possible because the experience was unmemorable or underwhelming. A party bus ensures can help ensure that the next birthday party you plan will be remembered for all of the right reasons, and just as importantly, that you will get all of the planning kudos that you richly deserve!

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