Do you think it’s time to upgrade your business telephone?

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Technology Featured

Although mail, social media and instant messaging have become a norm in today’s highly connected workspace and they have been accepted as the main modes of professional communication, yet phones are one of the most noteworthy forms of business communication. Reports and studies reveal that an average business changes its telephone system once in every 7 years. Hence selecting the appropriate phone system won’t just help you meet your needs now but also let your small business flourish in different ways.

Now that there are calling cards offered by companies like NobelCom, making international calls from your telephone system has become even easier. With so many other features being added to the system of telephony, it is necessary to maintain this system in your workplace for easier interaction among employees and clients. Here are few considerations on how implementing a new phone system can better meet short term goals.

#1: Better handling of calls

There are features like three-way calling, call transfer, conference calling, call display and various other features for leisure time to make sure potential clients reach out to the right person of your company and that their calls aren’t missed. Missed calls can have a direct impact on your sales opportunities and enhance relationships with clients. If you have an SIP-based VoIP phone system, you can get added functionality with conference calls with multiple user and click-to-chat web pages.

#2: Better accessibility

When you are a small business firm, you should stay dynamic, flexible and the employees will be on a move. If you allow your employees to make calls and also receive them from their smartphones, tablets and other devices, this lets them remain productive regardless of their place. This is extremely valuable these days when the numbers of remote employees are increasing day by day. If they are able to use such tools to work from home, this will increase the productivity of your company.

#3: Response times will improve

A new business phone system will alter the way in which you and your employees work and carry on business transactions. Workers who will be given a single number which rings on multiple devices and unified messaging along with emails, text message or phone are always connected. By utilizing such options like video conferencing, you can build better relationships with customers, staff and suppliers.

#4: Easy internal communication

With integration with CRM or some other internal system, you can let your team work effectively and share information on sales opportunities. There are some phone systems which come with intercom and paging abilities and hence communication internally within a small space is always at your fingertips. Other vital features like presence technology, instant messaging can even help customers identify people who are available with your company.

Therefore, if you’re someone who’s wondering about the ways in which you can improve your organization’s telephone communication, you should upgrade the system keeping in mind the above mentioned considerations.

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