Reducing Airport Anxiety

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Health Featured

Air travel has become one of those things that is beautiful in theory and incredibly frustrating in practice. Between smaller seats, disappearing snacks, and heavy-duty security, it’s no wonder so many of us are tense whenever we even think about going to the airport. But unless you have the time and energy to drive cross-country, flying is one of those things that we just have to deal with. That doesn’t mean you’re helpless, though. There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself to fly, including things you can do before you even step out the door with your rolling luggage in one hand and Dramamine in the other.

It’s easy to start thinking about worst-case scenarios whenever you leave your house. Logically, you know that your presence isn’t magically keeping your house and pets safe, but it can be hard to shake off the feeling that something will go terribly wrong while you’re away. For peace of mind, consider hiring a combination house-sitter and pet-sitter. Companies like Classic Sitting Services offer you both services at once. It’s good to know someone will be staying overnight in your house and watching Baxter and Tiger, since they get lonely. An occupied house is also less likely to attract thieves and troublemakers, so that’s another thing you won’t have to worry about. Sure, a friend who will check in on your pets might have worked before, but a friend can’t be there as often as a professional sitter.

Another thing you can do is wear comfortable clothes to the airport. Unless you’re a celebrity, there’s very little chance that a mob of photographers will be waiting for you when you land at your destination. Comfortables shoes are a must, especially since you’ll have to take them off in the security line anyway. There’s no need to walk through the airport in high heels that are murder on your feet. As far as the rest of your outfit goes, some people are fine in their oldest, most comfortable pair of jeans, while others really go for it and wear sweatpants or yoga pants. As long as your body is covered and you’re not hiding a grenade in your pants, there’s very little chance that anyone will care what you’re wearing. They’re too busy trying to get from Point A to Point B to notice your ratty old college T-shirt.

OK, so you’ve left detailed instructions for the person watching your house, and you’re wearing clothes so comfortable they might technically be considered pajamas. What now? Now you have to get to the airport and park your car.

Just looking at the massive map of airport parking can induce panic attacks. Should you park in Lot C or F? Do you want covered parking or outdoor parking? Did prices go up again? Is the garage even open right now? And when do the shuttles run?

Relax. Rather than try to navigate the airport lots and their high prices, take your car to an outside parking lot. Such lots will often get you out of your car and to the terminal faster than airport parking. Some lots even offer loyalty programs and 24-hour security, so you won’t have to worry about coming back from the Bahamas to find your rear window busted out on that shiny brand new ford you’ve only put 600 miles on!

There are a lot of reasons why air travel nowadays is so uncomfortable and exhausting. You can’t solve all the things wrong with airlines, but you don’t have to sit back and feel helpless, either. Be proactive and be prepared, and you’ll be able to start your trip off on the right foot.

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