Selecting the right CMMS for your company – Things to keep in mind

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Technology Featured

Chances are high that if you’re someone who has already not invested in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), then you’re still using an Excel-based system which might be working well. However, since your present system is still working, this doesn’t claim that it’s a big deal. You can adopt a CMMS and go digital as this can be a big step towards digitizing your maintenance and making your facility cheaper, efficient and effective.

There are indeed lots of maintenance teams which slide into the habit of breaking their heads when there’s some kind of sudden breakdown but what they don’t do is think about a change or come up with some alternative plan to avoid the inconvenience altogether.

Opt for a shift to preventive maintenance

Instead of just reacting to a breakdown, why not plan something preventive? Work with your team for creating a preventive maintenance approach and focus on repairing a machine even before it breaks. This way you don’t have to rack your brains for fixing it later on. A CMMS is more reliable and trustworthy if it is compared with tracking maintenance with the help of a calendar. Scheduled maintenance will become extremely easy with the help of CMMS. The technician will be able to spot an issue as soon as he logs in.

It does more work with fewer resources

A CMMS retains all required information, from work requests to reports to records to schematics to service warranties. All this is stored in a single database which is searchable and which makes searching even easier. If you can reduce the time that your team spends in filling out documents, you can boost time spent on other vital assets.

Work is the first priority

You might not always have all the resources that you need to get 100% of the work that you do. You will rather be forced to concentrate on the most vital maintenance parts and repairs. During such a situation if you have a CMMS, this will give the maintenance manage a view of all the assigned tasks and orders, their in-progress jobs so that you can figure out the priorities and thereby act in a similar manner.

CMMS can assist your business meet compliance standards

CMMS software is one of the greatest ways of helping your business in successfully passing audits and meeting different compliance standards and other certification requirements as the software keeps a database of procedures and assets which help the system in running perfectly. You can even comply with the requirements of client maintenance and government regulations, pass audits and also qualify for savings in insurance policy.

Retains accountability

A CMMS also makes it easier to see who exactly is responsible for doing which task in your facility. You can see all your maintenance detail in a single spot so that you may check the work that’s overdue and that which is in progress. If some work is taking too long, you can follow-up on that so that you no longer have to sit for hours with a single task.

Modern CMMS will alleviate the stress of storage and usage

To make sure you have modern software which helps in the growth of your business, you should look for one that’s cloud-based, is mobile and has an API or application programming interface. Being cloud-based takes away all the complexities of on-premise software implementation and leaves back a solution that’s easily accessible. Moreover, an API extends the power of CMMS and allows it to talk to other apps, computers and smartphones.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about whether or not to choose a CMMS for your firm, don’t give it a second thought. CMMS is a must-have in today’s firms to reap the above listed benefits.

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