The Most Common Types of Personal Injuries

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Health Featured


The world is a dangerous place. There are plenty of incidents that can befall you as a human being living in the 21st century. While you will probably be well aware of most of the dangers in your environment, it is important to know just what insurance and the law will protect you with regarding such hazards.

These are the most common forms of injury – whether they were sustained from a professional or an ordinary person – and will cover the most generally encountered problems in New York.

Car Accidents

New Yorkers are no strangers to the madness encountered on roads, and in one of the busiest road systems in one of the most chaotic cities in the world, car accidents are a very common occurrence.

Car accidents can be absolutely devastating for everyone involved, and you will indeed need a lawyer that has a comprehensive understanding of the New york road laws to ensure that you and your family receive the most expert help available to navigate such a traumatic experience successfully.

Medical Malpractice

We rely on doctors to get us through the most terrible of diseases, conditions, and injuries, but sometimes even they can make mistakes. Medical malpractice is actually far more common than some would think.

Often, a doctor inexperienced enough to handle the severity and nature of your condition will treat you with much pretense, very easily leading to a worsening of your condition when your life was placed in the hands of someone with the inappropriate knowledge and practical abilities.

Dog Bites

Man’s Best Friend is generally a very kind and congenial creature. Sometimes, however, their instincts will take over, and they will attack you. The intense pressure that a dog’s jaw can apply to human flesh can lead to very painful and serious injuries.

In the event of a person’s dog attacking you, you are indeed liable to demand compensation from the owner. If the owner was well aware of the dog’s predisposition for aggressive behaviour, then you will indeed have a serious case on your hands.

Police Shootings

Crime is a prevalent cancer in New York, that is no mystery. What many are somewhat unsure about, however, is how culpable those that are meant to protect us from criminals are when they (generally indirectly) bring us to harm in the event of a fearsome shootout.

If you have been involved in a police shootout and were injured due to an officer of the law’s failure to adhere to sane trigger discipline standard, then the best attorneys involved in such a sensitive issue will be required.

Slip, Trip, and Fall

We all slip, trip, and fall many times throughout our lives. The difference in such accidents comes when your fall was caused by the negligence of a particular building and its owners failing to provide a safe and conducive environment.

The municipality is also often to fault for the deteriorating state of many sidewalks and roads, where people can easy twist their ankles in potholes and the like.

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