These Devices Aren’t Your Father’s Jumper Starters

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Technology Featured

It isn’t a problem that we run into all too often, but at one point or another our car batteries are going to need a jump. Depending on where you are and what time of day it is, you might not be able to find someone who can help you out. While having jumper cables is a good start, they just aren’t any good without another car to attach them to.

Thankfully, we live in an age where technology is rapidly evolving to make our lives easier and companies have finally created devices that allow us to give our cars a jump all on our own. You can learn more about Gooloo Jump Starter on, or read this article to learn more about these fantastic new devices.

Power in the Palm of Your Hands

It might have seemed like something out of The Jetsons a decade ago, but these little powerhouses boast an impressive 450A to 1000A capable of jumping everything from 4.0 liter engines to 8.0 liters. That means that whether it’s your motorcycle, sports car, truck, or RV, you’ll never be stuck with a dead battery again.

All of this power is conveniently packaged in compact devices that are easily stored anywhere in your car. Their small structure also makes them easy to use, fitting right in the palm of your hand.

Safety First

While owning a device that allows you to charge you car in a snap sounds great, you might be wondering about how safe they are. Well, the devices themselves are made to pass international certifications such as the CE, UN38.3, and IEC. These ensure that the device has been tried and tested to deliver a safe experience every time.

The jumper cables that Gooloo chargers come with also have standard safety features that ensure no mishaps occur during use. These include over current, short circuit, overload, and overvoltage protection. Nothing can stop you from jumping your battery with these cables and clamps.

Added Features

These devices are more than just car battery jumpers, and can come in handy in a wide variety of instances. While different models offer different features, there are a few common ones to look for before making a purchase.

With so much power packed into a tiny device, it only makes sense that it should double as a charger for things like your phone, a tire inflator, or anything else during an emergency situation. That could mean making sure your phone stays charged while calling for help when your car is stranded for another reason, or charging a GPS so you can find your way out of the woods when hiking.

Jumping your car in the dark often requires a flashlight, which is another must have feature in these devices. These built in lights not only help you see in the dark, but usually offer an S.O.S. feature for extreme circumstances. When all else fails, at least you can signal policeman, rescue vehicles, and more for help.

Plus, all you have to do is recharge the portable battery when it runs out of juice.

The Future is Here

Whether you use it as an outdoor aid or simply keep it in the trunk for when your car needs it, a do-it-yourself jump starter can come in handy during a variety of situations. You might not need it today, but everyone’s car battery is going to need jumped eventually. The old jumper cable sets are slowly becoming yesteryear’s technology, making way for new and incredibly more useful devices like the Gooloo Portable Car Jump Starter.

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