Tips For A Vacation To Southeast Asia

by | Aug 26, 2017 | Travel Featured

Southeast Asia is a popular travel destination for a number of different reasons. There are big cities, beautiful beaches, secluded retreats and skyscraper resorts. And that’s to say nothing of fascinating cultures, delicious local foods, and all kinds of outdoor activities that draw adventurous types from around the globe. But it’s not necessarily as simple as booking a flight and sprawling out on a pristine beach, or settling into a luxury hotel room. As with any other region, Southeast Asia requires some advance planning if it’s to be done right! So here are some tips for a vacation to the area.

Be Thorough As You Search For A Place To Stay

I already mentioned the contrast between giant resorts and secluded retreats, and that should give you some idea of the spectrum when it comes to where you can stay. But be sure not to limit your search to beach resorts and city hotels, as they can both cost a fortune. These days, it’s sometimes just as easy to rent a home or condo that can be a little bit more affordable. Indeed, this is even an option in the cities. is a site aimed primarily at people looking for homes, but includes a vacation rental tab as well – and it’s not alone. You can find a lot of platforms that allow you to find unique rental opportunities that are often cheaper than resort rooms.

Research The Best Beaches

If your goal in traveling to Southeast Asia is to see a single beach, you’re limiting yourself; if it’s to visit all of the region’s best beaches, you’re probably reaching a little too far. Instead, do some research before you go. You might start at, which has a nice list of the 15 most affordable yet amazing beaches in the region. It’s a good idea to pick out a few that you definitely want to see, and which make sense with your travel itinerary. The beaches are truly among the best attractions in this part of the world, so this should be a priority. You won’t be disappointed.

Choose An Outdoor Activity To Try

There are a ton of different outdoor activities to enjoy in Southeast Asia, but most of them can be pretty time-consuming. Some people try surfing, parasailing, or kitesurfing, for instance. Some are happier going on long hikes through lush landscapes. Still others will try paddleboarding across the surface of beautiful waters, and some might try scuba diving beneath it. These can all be awesome activities, particularly in such stunning countries. But rather than trying to squeeze a bunch of them in, I’d recommend choosing one or maybe two to focus your time on. That way you can really figure out the best spot to try it and try to develop some skill rather than just have a beginner experience.

Look Into The Casino Resorts

You’ve probably grown accustomed to thinking of casinos as belonging mostly on the Internet. Even in the U.S., online casino sites have emerged despite the fact that most states still view online gambling as an illegal activity! And in Europe similar sites are all over the web. But if you’re traveling to Southeast Asia, you should know you’re heading for a bona fide casino destination. Macau, Singapore, and the Philippines are all home to awesome resorts, some of which rival Las Vegas. You’ll be setting yourself up for a fun time if you look into them before you go and pick one or two to check out in person.

Outline Your Travel Within The Region

 You should also remember that visiting Southeast Asia isn’t like visiting most other regions in the world. It’s perhaps most like a tour of the Greek Isles, or a vacation in the Caribbean, in that there are a ton of different islands, and getting from one destination to the next isn’t usually as simple as driving or taking the train. You’ll need to do some careful consideration of travel arrangements once you’re on the ground, so that you can see the places you want to see with minimal hassle.

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