Travel Credit Cards: How to Save Money While Traveling

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Travel Featured

What is the best travel card for me? It is one of the most frequent and the toughest questions at the same time. Choosing the right travel credit card is as important as planning for the whole trip. People who have never interested in the variety of travel cards and their possibilities, come to surprise when they understand how much money they can save.

Different travel credit cards have different bonuses and discounts. Thus, it is very important to understand the main goal you need a card for. Whether it is a business trip or a seaside trip, you may need drastically different cards.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the main principles of choosing the right credit card for you. To look through the list of all existed travel cards and to choose the best credit card for travel points, press on the link.

So, let’s discuss how to pick the best travel card to travel comfortably.

Best Travel Credit Cards to Save Money

All travel credit cards have a standard set of features:

  • Travel benefits. Extra bonuses, which make your flight more comfortable. For example, luggage protection.
  • The absence of transaction fees. This is an essential feature for those, who mostly travel abroad.
  • EMV chip. Every card has a special chip. This type of cards is especially important for Europe trips.

How does your typical trip look like? Is it a lot of shopping, or expensive hotels, or multiple restaurant visits? Each card provides a certain amount of bonuses for each of these activities. So, analyze what is more important for you – to get higher bonuses for restaurants or to get higher bonuses for plane flights. Or maybe you want to save money on everything and ready to pay an annual fee.

For example, Chase cards offer their clients a little bit of everything. There are Chase cards, which don’t ask for the annual fee, but at the same time, they have lower estimated bonuses (150$). The first bonus will be paid after you spend 500$ in the first three months after receiving your card. Here you get 1.5% cash back.


Or you can choose a paid card (90+$ annual fee) and receive 500$ of estimated bonus and have a full set of special features like dining at restaurants and cafes, extra bonus for purchases, car rentals, and cruises. So, you get a complete travel and purchase coverage.

If hotel, rent, and dining discounts are not interesting for you, look for the card, which offers the highest rewards for flight only. Don’t choose an expensive travel card if you’re going to use extra bonuses once in awhile. Thus, you will not get the most out of it. And if you’re a loyal traveler of some concrete airline, choose the card, which works with this airline particularly. Make sure you get all information before buying a travel card.



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