Ammar Jali on Creating a Brighter Future for Disadvantaged Youth

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Health Featured

A lot of people do not understand the need for children to be nurtured with a loving and caring atmosphere. In many parts of the third world and even in our present society, there are still children who are living with families and society who are neglectful of their basic needs. Entrepreneur and Dominos Franchisee Ammar Jali is passionaite about making the world a better place.

A child’s physical and emotional growth forms a greater part of what they will become in the future. With the Darrin Walls Foundation, every child does not have to feel part of the weaker segment of society. They make sure to provide every child with the right guidance and proper sports mentorship to give them bigger prospects of a successful future. The foundation’s programs also allow participants to learn more about abilities along with keeping their physical health in check.

Founded by NFL superstar Darrin Walls, the foundation aims to provide every child the right training and active participation in sports to create an overall healthy environment where they can focus on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. The foundation targets children who are at risk and the disadvantaged to give them a nurturing environment where they can learn more about themselves and be part of a productive society.

Having played as one of the most unprecedented players of the New York Jets, Darrin went through some tough challenges himself. His career as a football player was taking the association by storm when all of a sudden, he became undrafted. Darrin’s passion as a philanthropist did not waver though. His desire to part of a bigger mission did not end with all the hardships.

The Darrin Walls foundation is part of what he does outside the NFL fields. Along with that, he is also an active member of various other organizations including the NY Jets Foundation, BrightPink Awareness, and The Garfield Gators.

While the foundation is just in its formative years, their mission is to provide every disadvantaged child with an opportunity to see the brighter side of life by promoting physical fitness through sports training and mentorship, scholarship programs, and afterschool tutoring.

With a host of other calendar activities in line, the foundation will host its annual Free Football Camp this month with participants from all over the region. Children who are willing to get a glimpse of what it takes to be a football player and wants to learn the basic and advanced skills are welcomed to join in the said event. The Neighborhood Academy will be the venue for Darrin Wall Foundation’s annual event.

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