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by | Sep 2, 2017 | Financial Featured

Year after year, many Americans make plans in order to reach their financial goals. Unfortunately, it’s a rare occurrence that they ever make it to that goal or even get started on the path to there. Why is that, though?

Most people do not have any guidance or idea of how to create a full proof plan. Some simply do not know where to start, while others are stuck in debt traps that make creating a financial safety net impossible.

If you’re taking your financial future into serious consideration, here are 7 tips that can make your dream a reality.

  1. Maximize Your Savings For Retirement

The first step to giving your savings account the boost it needs is to set your deposits on autopilot. All too many start out pumping a healthy flow of cash into their savings, but trail off throughout the year. You can do this with automatic monthly withdrawals, deferrals to 401K plans, or by simply paying down your mortgage to free up funds.

  1. Get Rid Of Your Debt Now

Tip one might not be of much help if you are up to your ears in debt. It happens to more Americans than you might think, but there are plenty of solutions out there that can actually help you pay down that large balance instead of just adding to it. Take a “class” at the Debt Academy if you’re looking to become debt free, this will free up a large portion of funds you will be able to stash away.

  1. Planning Farther Ahead

A short-term goal many work to achieve is having six months of compensation set aside in the event of an emergency. That’s a great start, but it barely covers the type of financial security necessary for retirement. Expand your horizon and increase your goals, no matter how large they are, to cover everything from 15 years of retirement to all of the expenses involved well past a funeral.

  1. This is A Marathon

When developing your strategy, come up with a feasible amount you can set aside each month and stick to it. Not just that, but invest in the long term as well. Choose your investment and stick with it if you want to be rewarded down the road.

  1. Be Open With Your Partner

There seems to be this strange trend where couples keep financial secrets from one another. However, making a plan together will help both of you stick to it. This way you can discuss what the financial future should look like and what you can do together to get there.

  1. Sell What You Don’t Need

Now, this does not mean becoming a minimalist by any means. This could be as simple as holding a garage sale once a year and setting the profits aside in your savings, something that many find really helps to add a little something extra to their account while freeing up space.

Alternatively, this could also mean selling land contracts for plots you intended to use but never did. If you are looking for a good exit strategy, you will need an expert like this to manage the process.  

  1. Refinance Your Student Debt

This may or may not apply to you, but if you are still paying off your student debt, you know how much of a drain on your monthly funds it can be. Refinance it through a plan such as PAYE or REPAYE to secure a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment. This will help you move money over to your savings every month.

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