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by | Sep 6, 2017 | Business Feature

With customer service in the forefront for many of the companies engaged in service, keeping tab of the resources, scheduling, time, pay, etc is not an easy task. Many companies rely on expensive software made by others. Some companies rely on in-house expertise to write their own software to manage them. Readymade software might offer a lot of features or lack some necessary features. There are many free and open source software which may fit a company’s requirement or it may not. If this happens to be a desktop software, people moving around locations may not utilize the software fully. If such a service is available for free and online, it just might be what many companies are looking for.

Resource Management

Employees are an organization’s greatest asset. The greatest challenge faced by any such organization is keeping the employees occupied in tasks which they are good at. Assigning a wrong task to the wrong employee might be counterproductive. Imagine a software where people’s skills can be defined and allocated task using a wizard, everyone would love such a feature. The software, time clock is an online solution which does this job nicely. A manager or an administrator can do this work from the comfort of his office and manage all the tasks and resource scheduling needs of his company. What is more, employees who have been assigned the job gets email notifications automatically whenever a new task is assigned. On completion of the work, the employee marks the work as complete and the supervisor automatically gets a notification.

Time & Pay Management

Scheduling the tasks and resources is just one part of the event. Billing for the task or service rendered comes next and ends only when the payment is received from the customer. Again, the software provides interfaces to maintain these data easily. An employee can fill in the work hours, nature of work, travel expenses, etc online and his job is done. Whenever a job is done, the manager gets a notification that such a task has been completed and he can review the work and billing information. Reimbursement for the service rendered can be reviewed and approved online. It is also possible to maintain employees work, leave and late check-ins and payroll in the online system. In any software, data exporting to other software is needed. In this software, the payroll information can easily be exported to other accounting software like Intuit QuickBooks, Zen Payroll, FreshBooks or any other similar software.

Employee Tracking

There are at times the possibility that the employee did not report in time for a duty or service and fudges the data. With this software, chances of that are very slim as the employee movement can be tracked via the mobile application. The ability to capture a photo on site with your customer is possible. This feature is called the Photo capture and can be a proof for both of the parties. The other important feature is the Clock guard which can track when an employee started the work and completed. With the above-mentioned features, an organization can truly track employee efficiency. When it is time for the appraisals, this may come in handy and helpful to identify the honest and others.

Ease of Use

The success or failure of a software depends on the ease of use. In the case of the time clock wizard online, most of the work is done via intuitive wizards and there is less likely that someone can make a mistake. An organization need not have to invest in heavy hardware, backups, IT engineers for the maintenance. Everything on the software is hosted by the provider. Simple requirements like a desktop or tablet and internet are required by the supervisors in the office. Employees can use their mobile to check-in for their service tasks and other info. Paperwork is very minimal if one uses the software. All of the said features are available for free for small organizations. Other paid plans are available for bigger organizations.

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