How to work and travel at the same time

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Jobs Featured

This must be the question of the year or the century. Now a days with the convenience of the Internet, it is possible to work from anywhere in the world. However, that is only possible with a job that allows you to do that. A lot of people don’t realize all the different ways that you can work and travel at the same time, and that is perfectly fine. That is my job to tell you how to do that. From what I said before, the Internet has made life so much easier in a lot of ways. Not only will you work from the Internet, but it is the place where you will find all the different jobs that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. You can also find quick loans on the Internet to get you on your way! Continue reading to find out what jobs you can do from anywhere in the world, and how you can find these jobs.

If you are looking to find your next job I will recommend a few different sites to look on. Make sure when you are looking for these jobs, that you specify, “Work from home” or “Freelance jobs.”

  •      Indeed
  •      Flexjobs (A wonderful site, but they charge a small fee each month)
  •      Freelancer
  •      Up-work
  •      People per hour

The reason I have chosen the sites listed above is because each day there is hundreds of new jobs added. If you find a job you like and you end up the right fit, this is not to say that the job will last forever. With freelance work you are basically your own boss. Freelance work is not always constant, unless you find a company who needs a full time employee. However, with the abundance of companies who offer their employees work from home jobs; I’m sure you will never run out of work.

One thing to keep in mind when starting your journey as a freelancer is your rates and which platform you decide to use. If you start off your career working on Up-work, than I would recommend you continue to use Up-work as your source of income. I recommend doing this because it is important to build up your freelance profiles. Each task you complete for your different employers will be reviewed. This means that after you submit your work and are finished working for that particular company, the review they give you will be placed on your profile. Therefore you will want to make sure you are submitting your best work, and at the appropriate timing.

Flexjobs is great because they focus on freelance jobs. They do charge a flat fee each month, but you can always cancel your membership once you find the right job. I believe the fee is $15.00 USD per month. They charge the fee to know that each person who uses their platform is serious about finding a job.  This career website is not only to find jobs online, but jobs that are located around the world. Up work, People per hour, and Freelancer follow the same concept. For each platform you have to work at building up your profile. If your find that one of the platforms weren’t working for you, than by all means I would switch to a different platform. Each of them has their own benefits.

Let’s talk about the popular freelance jobs that people do while they travel.

  •      English Tutor
  •      Writer/blogger
  •      Data entry
  •      Transcriber
  •      Photographer
  •      Virtual Assistant
  •      Marketing Assistant

Teaching English to Chinese people has become very popular for native English speaking people. Depending on where you live, it is only possible in certain regions of the world. This job is great because you teach early in the morning and later on in the evening, which gives you the freedom throughout the day. Each company has certain high times that you have to be available for once you commit to the job. This type of job is great because you are guaranteed the hours that you commit too, and if can only work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week that is perfectly acceptable.

Being a writer or a blogger, you work on your own times. As long as you can complete your papers by the time frame, than you can do it at 3:00 in the morning if you want. Writing is fun, because you are learning at the same time as you are writing. You need to be good at researching, because that is part of the job. You will not necessarily know everything they want you to write about, so researching thoroughly will help you out. Blogging is another form of freelance writing. There are many different blogs you could write for. You could write for a Real Estate Company, Fashion Company, Travel Blog, and so on. You could even start your own blog and do affiliate marketing to make money. Starting your own blog could be fun if you have a topic you would love to write about. You can find more information on starting your own job on Pinterest.

Data Entry is simply entering data into different electronic formats using data software. You can find these jobs all over the Internet without previous experience. Data entry jobs range on the pay scale. It all depends on the company that you are working for. If you would like to search for data entry jobs, I would recommend looking on Up-work, Monster, Glassdoor, Flexjobs and even searching up “Data Entry Jobs” on Google.

A transcriber is someone who converts recorded and live speeches into writing. So if you are a fast writer and an effective listener than this could be your calling. These jobs can be found on the websites that were listed above.

Photography is something we are all familiar with. If you have taken a photo sometime in your life, than you could consider yourself a photographer. You might not be the most professional or best photographer in the world but if you can take a picture then you’re on your way. Photography is an art. It’s not just about taking a photo and selling it; it’s about editing the photo after to enhance it and make it that picture perfect photo. There are many different apps that you can download on your cell phone and computer where you can sell your photos. One of those apps being ‘Stock Photos.’ Being a photographer goes hand in hand with blogging. You could use your photography and create a blog. Depending on what you are taking pictures of, you could create a wedding blog or an adventure blog.

Virtual assistant is a professional career path. You will most likely stick with one company throughout your job if you enjoy what you are doing. Essentially you are helping out a businessman with anything that needs to be done. If you have good communication skills and pay attention to detail, this would be a good job for you. A marketing assistant is a little different than a virtual assistant. You need to know how to market a business, and what tactics work. Marketing is very important to a business, especially a new business.

A total different outlook on working and traveling at the same time is getting part time jobs along the way. Depending on where you are traveling, you could get a job at a resort for a little while. You could act as an extra in a film or TV show. You could pick fruit, plant trees, or work at a coffee farm. You could also get a part time job serving at a restaurant, to make that extra money to keep going with your travels. If you enjoy the company of children, you could be a part time nanny in a different country. The possibilities are endless. Traveling and working at the same time is not always as easy as it sounds. There are so many different distractions while you are on vacation that will be calling your name and that is without meeting anyone. After you meet people, you will have to set boundaries as to what time of day you will dedicate to work; that is if you have a flexible schedule. You will need to make work your commitment or you will not be able to travel for long if you don’t have enough money set aside already for your travels. What some travellers like to do is create milestones. Work hard for one week and take a day off to enjoy at the beach. Of course enjoy your travels, but be smart with your money if you are on a budget.

Now the big step is making the initial move. Plan your adventure, find an online job if that is what you are looking for; from the sites that I have provided. Book your accommodations, then your flights; pack your bags and go adventure. Your life is precious, don’t waste any minute of it doing something that you do not enjoy.


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