Improving the Way You Hire

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Business Feature

Think about your business. How do you tend to find potential new employees? You go online. There are numerous sites built for posting jobs and keeping digital copies of employment hopefuls’ resumes. Sites like Monster and Indeed, GoodWork and other various specialized sites, and, of course, Craigslist. Having these sites at your fingertips helps those who desire to work for your company to seek you out and become aware of your employment openings. However, there comes along with the internet a high level of anonymity. Who are you really hiring? Luckily, there is to help take the anonymity and guess work out of hiring through the internet. This leaves you worry free and with the time to get back to those deadlines.

Are background checks really necessary?

Background checks are my entirely necessary, but it is smart for a business to background check their potential employees to ensure the safety of both their current employees, as well as the safety and reputation of the company. If you do require background checks to applicants of positions of your company, the applicant will be made aware of this.

How does it work?

When you choose to work with Triton, you are choosing professionalism and top quality safety. Triton will have access to those who apply to positions in your company, but only with their consent. All applicants will be made aware that they will be subject to a background check and will be asked if they agree to it. Those who do not, will generally be withdrawn to the application process. That however, is up to you. You make the rules when it comes to your company. The contract that you draw up with Triton will be as unique as your company is and serve your company’s needs.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of using a service such as Triton are numerous. Background checking your employees improves the reputation of any company. If you choose only to hire those with a spotless and clean background, this tells your clientele and the public that you hold the utmost standards for your employees. This encourages the public to put more trust into your company versus others that may be in the same business, giving you a good name and increasing your traffic. Having thorough background checks done on potential employees lets you know who you may be hiring and gives you peace of mind when filling a position.

Are there any drawbacks?

There are very few drawbacks to taking on a company like Triton to background check your employees and/or potential employees. Some people are not entirely comfortable with having a background check or simply may find it a breach of privacy – although, all information Triton finds during a background check is all already publicly available to anyone. This means you may miss out on a potential hiree who has a perfectly clean background. The other drawback is cost. Hiring a company such as Triton will cost you or your company some funds however, knowing your employees and boosting your company’s reputation and ethical standards are well worth it.

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