Making Business Travel Less Painful

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Business Feature

Traveling for business can quickly go from an adventure to a grind if you are one of the estimated 20 million Americans who travel frequently for business-related purposes. Having to wait in long airport security lines, spending hours of your time on flights, and staying in hotel rooms in far-flung areas of the country can take its toll on a business traveler. Luckily we have some tips to help make your business trips more comfortable and enjoyable, so you can spend more time relaxing and less time dealing with travel stress.

  1. Purchase a Neck Pillow
    You’ve seen these U-shaped, microfiber-covered pillows being toted around every airport you visit by your fellow travelers, but do they really work? Most frequent fliers tend to think so! A good travel neck pillow can make all the difference between cumbersome and comfy on your next cross-country flight. Try to find one made of memory foam for added comfort and durability.
  1. Earn Miles

Just about any business trip can be more pleasant when you have frequent flier miles to look forward to. Signing up for your favorite airline’s rewards program, or getting a credit card that helps you earn miles every time you fly or make a travel-related purchase, can help take you out of that infuriating security line and transport you into a fun fantasy of how you’ll be spending those miles you’ve earned on a relaxing vacation.

  1. Crank up the Tunes

They say music soothes the savage beast, so imagine what a nice playlist of your favorites can do for your travel mood! Download a flight’s worth of the tunes you enjoy most to your mobile device and get ready to boogie the flight away. No earbuds? No problem! disposable earbuds make a great travel companion, since they’re easy to pack, convenient to store, and not a big deal if they accidentally get left behind.

  1. Catch Up on Shows

Are all your friends talking about the latest Game of Thrones while you haven’t even watched episode one? Long flights for business travel are the perfect time to catch up on your TV and movie viewing. All you need is a mobile device with some pre-downloaded shows (or a wi-fi connection) and some headphones (see #3 for the disposable earbud recommendation if you don’t like to risk losing your favorite headphones on the road) and you’re good to go!

  1. Snack Attack

Airport snacks are not exactly the most healthy options most of the time, and the expense can add up quickly. Save yourself the cost of airport snacks, and do your body a favor, with some healthy pre-packed snacks from home. It’s easy to throw an energy bar, a single-serve pouch of trail mix or a packet of beef jerky into your backpack for the flight- just try to avoid anything that counts as a liquid, such as pudding or yogurt, and opt for odor-free snacks so as not to offend your seatmates.

Business travel seems glamorous to the outsider, but those who take frequent business trips know how the experience can start to wear. In order to avoid the business-trip blues, try out a few of the tips we talked about today and see how your new, improved travel attitude works out for you!

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