Stop Giving Things, Start Giving Experiences

by | Sep 24, 2017 | Health Featured

Think back to your last birthday. How much of was given to you as gifts did you either not want or not need? How many of those gifts are simply sitting around somewhere gathering dust and not getting used? Probably far too many! It is time to stop giving things as gifts and so start giving experiences. When you give experiences, you are giving the gift of trying something new, or supporting a dream or passion. You are giving special and unique memories that do not leave clutter or end up in a landfill. When you give the gift of experience, you are giving exploration and discovery.

Giving experiences is so much easier than giving things. When you look for a thing to give someone, you have to think about whether the recipient will like the color, the style, and whether or not they already have that thing or something similar. When you are giving an experience, you can base it off of merely knowing about the likes and dislikes of your recipient. Do they like food? Cooking classes are an excellent choice. Do they enjoy art? Give them painting or pottery classes. The choices are endless and are bound to bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

In 2013, United States residents sent more than 294 million tons of waste to landfill. That is ridiculous and, quite frankly, unacceptable. You can bet that there were numerous unused gifts in there that were given in good spirits. Break from the mold by giving experiences. When you give experiences, you can be certain that they will not go to landfill. They will not create clutter or sit on a desk gathering dust. Rather, experiences will be – you guessed it – experienced! They give the opportunity to hone a skill or learn something new. Experiences are never wasted, but are cherished.

Everybody enjoys something. When you are looking to give an experience, look no further than what somebody likes, or even what you think they might like. If someone likes wine, give them a wine tasting course or a wine making class. Maybe they enjoy art, give them a voucher to their local art museum. There are rock climbing courses, diving courses, cooking classes, and film tickets. The list goes on and on and you can be certain there will always be something for everyone when it comes to giving experiences.

Even for the person who seems to have everything, there is always an experience to give. Looking for more ideas? Click here. Support a passion or let your recipient try something new. Lower your ecological footprint by keeping your gifts out of the trash and out of landfills! Experiences are eco-friendly and provide memories to boot. The next time you give a gift, give a gift of experience

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