The role of Technology in Making Life more Convenient

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Technology Featured

Do you use a calendar scheduler to organize your life so that you do not miss anything? That is me as well, and it irks me to no end when I set aside the time to attend something only to realize that the dates have changed last minute or, even worse, after I have reached the event site.

Automation and Convenience it Brings

Things have changed for the better within last few years when event invitations transferred from physical letters and started to be sent and then updated electronically to ensure everyone stayed informed. This way invitees do not need to continuously check their invitations or scramble into their bags to ascertain if they brought it along in the first place. SMS financial services can be quite helpful in such situations.

Financial institutions are another group of key players that have started using short-messaging services (SMS) solutions in their day to day operations. In line for a banking service? You can take an electronic queue number that goes straight to your mobile device. It also comes with a reminder to proceed back to the bank when there are just 4 more people in front of you. No paper waste, no waiting time, and hence no impatient clients waiting on the side and demanding their turn next. Sounds great? Of course, and you start wondering how you made it through the last time you went to the bank and spent 2 hours in a queue.

Uses in Financial Transactions

Other practical uses of this solution are to reassure and reach out to customers when money is being deposited or withdrawn from their bank accounts. If you withdraw a large sum, you typically get a text that informs you of that withdrawal and prompts you to call a provided number if the transaction was not performed by yourself.

This small gesture keeps your customers at ease since they know you are monitoring all transactions and are concerned about their financial protection. Same goes for funds transfers when you channel funds to your friends or vice versa. By receiving a text, you can confidently say that you have received the funds or that you have successfully transferred the funds.

Insurance and micro-financing companies too have embarked on a similar path – using SMS solutions to inform their clients on any changes to policy, approval of financial loans, etc. Regular update and contact with the clients allows them to have assurance in their insurance or loan providers as they are not kept in the dark in terms of any application or transaction processes.

Financial institutions have more to gain and nothing to lose from investing in infrastructure and platforms that provide security and peace of mind to their clients. After all, their service is to provide security to their consumer’s assets, and there is no better way than to gain their trust.

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