The Significance of Christian Rings Explored

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Religion Featured

It would be erroneous to consider rings just as fashion accessories. While it’s quite a common gift that you like to present yourself (with or without any special occasion round the corner) you may also select it for others during birthdays or anniversaries. Let us tell you that rings can also be used to by you to show your love for God as well. Christian rings – for example – are infallible statements of both love and faith. Do you know that designs rendered in different stones and shapes actually end up symbolizing different institutions, schools and religious orders? Christian rings for one mostly bear the sign of the Cross. Notably, in the Medieval Ages- everyone regardless of being rich or poor wore rings. Today, we will be discussing how these rings (what we mostly wear as fashion statement) infallibly represent our faith in more ways than one.

Everything you would like to know about Bishop Rings

Have you heard about a bishop ring? Traditionally, these rings made for an integral part of the Catholic bishop’s entire attire. Till today, these rings serve as the thumping statement of religious power and authority. The most common stone used in these rings was amethyst – primarily because it stood for peace and spirituality. It is believed that it can prevent the wearer from getting drunk plus the purple hue itself is regal, to say the least. The ring has continued to be heavily used as a religious symbol today but is also used as an effective fashion statement. Bikers, for example, are found to sport them on a regular basis primarily because they represent “authority” (as has been mentioned above). For everyone interested to pick up these incredible fashion accessories can browse the exhaustive collection of Bikerringshop.

The Variant Styles Explianed Briefly

As far as the bishop rings are concerned, you can obtain variant styles including:

  • Christian Crown Rings
  • Christian Crosier Rings
  • Cross Bishop Ring
  • Ruby Bishop Ring
  • Women’s Bishop Ring

The Symbol of Christian Rings

The Christian Crown Rings are characterized by the placement of crowns on the sides of the ring. The presence of crown renders unassailable authority and power to these designs. The crosier rings are rendered in the shape of the shepherd’s crook. The bishop traditionally carries the staff during the service.

The most common types of Christian Rings are the engagement rings. There are couples who are just not content with regular normal rings when it comes to such an important day. Their urge to express their love for each other with God being a witness – is quite evident in this case.

Christian rings also come in the form of purity rings. By wearing these rings teenagers take a vow to stay pure until their marriage. Those who want their kids to stand by such vows can browse the collection of the online stores offering Christian Jewelry Rings to pick their favorite pieces. Purity rings are looked up as unassailable measures with the help of which you can actually go on to inculcate the value of self-discipline in children. Just make sure that you’re surveying the credentials of the online store thoroughly – just in a bid to ensure that you are getting your hands only on authentic pieces of jewelry.

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