Buying holiday gifts for your employees

by | Oct 7, 2017 | Business Feature

A great way to show your employees that they matter is to offer them holiday gifts. With the Christmas holiday approaching, it may be time for you to decide what to offer as a gift to your employees this season. Of course, it doesn’t have to be something significant or expensive, just a way to make them see that they are important for your company and business and that you do care for them. It is rather comforting and rewarding to see that, after a whole year of work, you receive a sign of appreciation and gratitude from your manager or boss. It may not be much, but it may be all they need to understand that you appreciate their efforts and recognize their value as employees in your company.

You are out of ideas when it comes to great holiday gifts for your employees that won’t be a burden for your budget either? Well, there are quite a few things you can get your employees that are affordable and will be appreciated by everybody.

  • Think green

Offices are usually dull and lifeless places that can really drain people of their energy. So, why don’t you opt for a green plant as a gift to your employees? It is known that having a live green plant on the desk where you can have calming and positive effects, allowing your employees to feast their eyes with nature’s perfection. If a pot with a plant is too plain as a holiday gift, do have into consideration airplant terrarium gardens.

  • Create a calming atmosphere

Stress is one of the main issues that creates health problems, people working in offices being exposed the most at high-stress levels. With the help of aromatherapy, you can help them calm down and work in soothing and relaxing environments. How to achieve such a thing? Offer an essential oil diffuser as a holiday gift and encourage employees to use them, for creating a welcoming and calming working environment.

  • Promote a healthy diet

If you care for your employees to lead a healthy life and stay fit then probably something that will help them prep their meals would be of great use. There are special meal prep containers that allow people to bring balanced and healthy meals to work, so a holiday gift like this will be more than welcome. This way, you’ll make sure that your employees will have nourishing food to keep them going throughout the day.

  • Keep them organized

We all know that organizing our time and our tasks can be one of the most challenging parts to do. To make sure we won’t forget about anything, we should write down everything that is important. But, most people overlook this aspect or are not motivated to do so. Perhaps a leather organizer will make them want to write their daily schedule down, together with the most important things they have to do during the day or the goals they would like to achieve. So this option is worth being considered as a holiday gift for your employees.

  • Allow them to choose what they need or want

Would you like to give your employees the freedom to choose the holiday gift they want or need? Then you could easily opt for gift cards as a holiday gift this year. Business gift cards are great because they save you from a headache caused by choosing a gift that will be appreciated by all your employees. If you want to make sure that everybody will enjoy the gift you will offer then it is impossible to go wrong when choosing a gift card. In this case, all you have to do is choose the amount of money the gift card will provide and where the gift card can be used by your employees.

  • Give them a massage

Of course, not literally, but by offering them a Shiatsu massage cushion to be used on their seat. It is ideal to use while working at a desk or while driving, as it can be easily placed on the car’s seat. Such a holiday gift will help your employees to reduce the tension that builds in their back when working in a sitting position and calms them down. Still, if you allow them to use the cushion at work, make sure they’re actually doing some work rather than just spending the entire day relaxing.

  • Give them the chance to enjoy tea or coffee as they like it

A practical bottle that keeps the liquid inside at the desired temperature can be a great holiday gift. It is very comforting to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea in the winter and cold refreshing water in the summer. An insulated portable bottle that is highly efficient in preserving the temperature of the liquid placed inside, just like the YETI bottles, can represent a great choice when it comes to holiday gifts for your employees.

  • Keep them safe from the rain

Most certainly you have a lot of employees that commute. If you do, keeping them warm and dry when it is pouring outside may be a very kind and thoughtful gesture. Rains in the cold season can be rather unpleasant as they are often accompanied by cold winds. Thus, a bubble umbrella that is designed to keep someone’s face protected against the wind as well and not just against the rain, can be a suitable gift. It is even more welcome if you live in an area where winter can be quite wet and windy.

  • Help them stay charged

We all know just how frustrating it can be to have to deal with a depleted phone battery. But when you commute and spend 8 hours or even more at work, there are high changes for your phone to die on you before you have the chance to get home to recharge it. So, to avoid panicky situations, a portable power bank is more than useful in such situations. If you are a practical person and wish to offer a practical holiday gift, this particular option is exactly the solution you may be looking for.

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