Different Kinds of Catering and Which One is Right for Your Need

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Entertainment Feature

There are four major types of catering from which you may make your selection. The first is wedding catering. It’s obvious what the main point of the program entails. However, when it comes to planning out the exact details, you may wish to engage the services of a professional wedding catering specialist. You want each and every detail of your event to go off without a hitch. This means that you will need to hire a professional caterer that can help you plan each aspect of the celebration, from the venue down to the meal.

Your main goal will naturally be to make sure that every member of the party is able to enjoy their meal, as well as the general event. You will need to ensure this by planning each and every aspect of the event, from decorations and invitations to the dinner itself. You will want to make sure that the food and drink items are as appealing and healthy as possible. Even after the dinner is concluded, you still have the dessert entree to consider. A professional caterer can help you plan out all of these important details.

Corporate Catering

Corporate catering is the right choice for all manner of business events. These may small office meetings, training functions, corporate anniversaries, or other events. When it comes to corporate catering, you can choose from all manner of food and drink specials. You might start small with box lunches for a regional meeting of sales reps, or aim to please the bigwigs with a fancy buffet or Continental breakfast. Giving them great food and drink will not only entertain them but will make them more amenable to the proposals you have waiting for them to act on.

It will be up to you as the person in charge of catering the event to make sure that you come up with the goods. While a few gaffes at an employee orientation meeting may be soon forgiven and forgotten, you don’t want to be the one that under prepares for a major corporate anniversary dinner. The assistance of a professional catering specialist will be instrumental in making sure that you have every aspect of the event under full control before it begins. To have more peace of mind, get help from a company that has various options and works with corporates regularly. Cozymeal is a special case that offers both catering and team building activities for corporates, so you may want to treat the smaller groups of business influentials to both.

Social Event Catering

This particular type of catering falls under the heading of special events, such as birthday parties, baby showers, retirement parties, and even backyard barbecue blowouts. This type of catering will be right for your needs if you plan to commemorate a major life event and want all of your family and friends to join in the celebration. To accomplish this important goal, you will need to hire the services of a professional caterer so that you can plan and then pull off the event in grand style. This is your best bet to ensure a happy future memory of this important milestone in your life.

Your social event catering program might begin with special decorations, gift cards, and even commemorative balloons for all of the participants. There should be plenty of appetizers to whet the appreciation of your guests for the main meal. Drinks of all types are a feature of social events of this type. You might even consider hiring a special bartender for the event. Social event catering requires an adept touch to pull off since these are your friends and family members, rather than corporate bigwigs, that you are dealing with. A professional caterer is a must on this special occasion.

Concession Catering

Concession catering deals with the art of catering large sporting events. If you have the concession for a large softball or arena league football team, this is the kind of event that falls under this heading. This is a large scale public occasion in which the needs of hundreds or thousands of people will need to be fully considered. If you desire to make your concession catering experience a success, you’re going to need major help from a professional. This is not an area you can afford to skimp or cut corners in.

A typical menu for concession catering events should include all of the usual popular favorites, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, french fries, and ice cream. Drinks will include everything from iced tea to soda pop to beer. This is a very large scale event that is very easy to under plan or over plan for, so you will need to be very precise about the number of people you expect to serve. The size of your budget will likewise need to be carefully examined to make sure it is adequate. The assistance of a professional caterer is a must in all of these important considerations.

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