How to Improve Your Writing Skills When Writing for Fun  

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Education Feature

Are you struggling with your written English? In this article, you will find some useful advice from professional writers of an educational portal and learn about easy and interesting ways to improve your writing skills in your spare time. These writing tips can be useful for native English speakers and for everyone who is studying English as a second language.

Writing for fun in a variety of contexts and in different styles brings enormous benefits if you do it regularly. Doing this, you are free from following strict requirements of a formal academic environment and can explore various written styles that may come useful in your future career. Here are some ways to have fun when writing in your spare time and become a better writer in the process.

Write a Diary

Writing a private diary that no one can see is a great way to order your thoughts about different things and be honest. And you will have a great record that you can read years later and remember things that you enjoyed or that had a great impact on you as a personality. You will also learn to express your thoughts clearly using proper English expressions and be concise in your writing. These skills are critical for writing in any academic or business context.

You should write your diary by hand because you will develop the strength to write for a long time and that may be useful when you prepare for exams. You should also develop a habit of writing every day, perhaps you can do it as the last thing in the evening.

Start a Blog

There are a lot of platforms that offer blog facilities so starting a blog is a fantastic way to write regularly and grow an audience. You can make your blog in a form of a diary and write about interesting events in your life or express your thoughts about the problems that you are concerned of or the people you have met. You can also devote your blog to a certain subject like sport, politics, beauty or style. You can write non-fiction or engage yourself in creative writing. The main thing is you should be passionate about the subject of your writing so you enjoy writing regular posts and convey your enthusiasm to your audience. Writing for your audience can be a great motivation for enhancing your English writing skills and will start enjoy writing on a regular basis as your audience begins to grow.

Write Poetry

Writing poetry is challenging and requires a high level of English writing skills because you have to not just rhyme your words but communicate complex thoughts and emotion using carefully chosen words. You will expand your vocabulary and learn to appreciate sophisticated techniques used by well-known poets to express their thoughts and convey their meanings. There is a large variety of kinds of poetry so you are likely to experiment for some time before you will be able to develop your own unique poetic style.

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