Hurt at Work or Suffering Work Related Illness? 10 Reasons to Seek Legal Advice Now

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Jobs Featured

We have all heard the radio advertisements with promises of legal action taken on your behalf for injuries incurred at work, but most of us glaze over the details. That is, until you have found yourself injured due to a job related accident. Only then will you fully grasp how frustrating and confusing the legal world can be, especially for you as the worker. This is why is it important to act quickly after being injured and contact professionals who deal specifically with workers’ compensation claims.These 10 reasons will convince you to make that call today.

  1. Employer’s Representatives are More Likely to Call Back

You would be surprised how many employees suddenly find they get the cold shoulder from their employers after incurring a workplace injury. You may have made the call to your human resources department regarding your Worker’s Compensation paperwork but haven’t heard back. This delay is not uncommon. Having legal representation shows your employer that you are taking this matter seriously and they should too.

2. Assist You in Finding Medical Treatment

If you have been injured and had a diagnosis from a doctor, you may not know the next steps involved. Having lawyers specific to the workplace injury field, will mean they can direct you to medical care geared towards your needs who they have worked with and are familiar with their care. Getting care and treatment is the most important part of dealing with an injury from your work.

3. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork!

You will be drowning in paperwork once you have put in a worker’s compensation claim. There will be deadlines, documentation, forms to fill out, questions to answer and these could all affect the eventual outcome of your injury claim. Professional injury lawyers will keep your paperwork on track, up to date and complete so you don’t have to worry about that during your recovery.

4. Attorneys are Trained in Courtroom Procedures

In the rare event that your claim goes to court, you will need someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of courtroom proceedings. If you go into a courtroom proceeding without any knowledge how the process works, chances are you will be sent away empty-handed and defeated. You can count on the fact that your employer and their insurance company will have legal counsel, so it is important you do as well.

5. There May Be Grounds for a Lawsuit

By allowing an attorney to go over your specific case, they can inform you if there has been any negligence or oversights on your employer’s end which have caused this injury to occur. If this is the case, you may have grounds for a lawsuit, aside from a worker’s compensation claim. Your employer and their insurance company will not give you this information, only your own representation will do this.

6. Could Prevent Future Injuries to Other Workers

You may have been lucky in the sense you escaped fatal injury, whereas the next person may not be as fortunate. Having legal counsel on your side will help to prevent this happening again to anyone else by having court ordered changes made to the situation at work. Many times employees seeking restitution from their employer’s insurance companies will overlook how the accident took place and that it could happen again if not corrected.

7. Financial Assistance for Medical Costs

Even if you have coverage through your employee benefits program, those benefits may not fully cover your treatment and care. It should not be up to you to pay for those added expenses for a workplace injury. Having an attorney working for you means they will see to it that you get your medical bills paid for without any financial strain or worry to yourself or your family. When you are trying to recover from an injury, finances should be the last thing on your mind.

8. Don’t Forget About Your Lost Wages

Much of the time employees fighting for coverage for a work related injury or illness forget about the wages they will be losing while trying to recover. Sometimes employees are permanently injured, making a return to work impossible and their earning power robbed. It is important to seek legal counsel in order to secure those lost wages while you cannot work or if you cannot return to work at all.

9. Avoid Delays in Getting a Judgement

If you try to deal with your employer’s representative or insurance company on your own, chances are you will experience several delays in getting answers and eventually even a final judgement. These delays are eliminated when you hire representation of your own, especially a lawyer who is experienced working with workplace injury and illness. They know how long the processes should take and push through to get you the judgement you deserve in the end, whether you settle in or out of court.

10. Avoid Any Retaliation from Your Employer

In a perfect world, employers would admit their negligence or wrongdoing in a case where someone has been hurt or become ill, however this is not the case. In many situations like this, employers lash out at employees for making a worker’s compensation claim. It is more difficult for an employer to do this if the employee has their own legal representation, since everything will be documented in an official sense and go on-record. Avoid any retaliation from your employer by having an attorney look after your matter instead.

Of course, legal counsel will cost money but most injury and illness lawyers are willing to work on the basis of fees paid upon settlement–just ask. In the end, the money you spend on the professional advice will be worthwhile since they can help get you more in terms of medical costs, lost wages and even money for your pain and suffering. Do your research, talk to a few different lawyers and ask questions. This will help you find the right fit for you and your needs.

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