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by | Oct 14, 2017 | Business Feature

There are many methods to increase the safety of transportation and the efficiency of the business as a whole. One of them is to constantly keep an eye on all the processes, employees, and equipment. The control of vehicles, analysis of their technical condition, route, location, and driving behavior has proved to be an effective approach to making the business more profitable. No surprise that there is the wide range of solutions designed for monitoring vehicles and sending out reports. Thus, many companies question what system to choose. Here Uboro is worth your attention.

What’s Special about Uboro?

To know more about transport monitoring with Uboro, just visit and make sure that this software has proved to be an effective solution to the problem of vehicle location and movement tracking. What is more, the program allows one to control the technical condition of a specific car. The system solves a wide range of business problems.

  • Identify the exact coordinates of the vehicle location, its speed of movement, fuel consumption, etc.;
  • Analyze relevant statistics to optimize the best route configurations;
  • Provide assistance in ensuring security, avoiding traffic, preventing breakdowns, etc.;
  • Monitor vehicle compliance with the schedule of movement.
  • Control driving behavior of your employees.

Who Can Benefit from the Solution?

All the products designed for monitoring and controlling vehicles are used with the aim to get information about the car and its location, which can then be applied in accordance with the business needs. There are no restrictions on companies that benefit from the application of transport monitoring and control systems. These can be insurance companies, leasing firms, and different transportation enterprises among many others. Each can use vehicle tracking reports, statistics, and analytics to reach their objective (optimize routes, increase company profitability, predict some technical issues, assure the high-quality service, etc.).

Unique Features of Uboro

Having a wide feature map, Uboro can be rightly seen an innovative tracking tool with a ground-breaking approach to ordinary tasks. Product developers set absolutely no restrictions on its use, compatibility, and information the program provides. In other words, Uboro supports any GPS equipment that the client wants to connect to the software. It can be installed on any device (with any OS). What is more, if one doesn’t have a tracker, there is absolutely no need to purchase it since a GPS tracker simulator can be downloaded from the company website. On top of that, one can use and test the software absolutely for free during a 90-day trial period. There are no agreements to sign and no charges to pay.

One can easily install the program on a smartphone and receive all the information about the vehicle movements, relevant statistics, analytics, and reports about driving speed, entrance zones, and technical conditions of the car. What is more important, the company is going to introduce some extra features to extend fleet management, tasks logistics, and route planning optimization in the nearest future.

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