Head Injuries at Work.

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Jobs Featured

Workers should be able to go about their activities in the office without any threats to their health and well-being. A safe environment keeps the workers at ease and this goes a long way to enhance their work output. Employers looking for optimal performance from their workers, therefore, strive to keep their office and workstations as safe as possible so as to provide the workers with the best environment to go about their duties. Despite their genuine attempts, accidents still happen in the workplace and some of these accidents cause bodily harm and injuries. Head injuries are some of the injuries that are common in the workplace and are some of the most fatal as well. In this piece, we highlight some of the instances that cause head injuries at work.

  1.      Slips and falls.

Workers slip and fall all the time in their workstations and when they do, they may end up injured. Depending on the nature of the fall, some of the injuries may occur in the head and the victims may find themselves losing consciousness when they slip and fall. Such injuries can get extremely fatal and the employers and office managers should make sure that the workstations are free of items that may cause the workers to slip and fall. Office furniture should be arranged properly and cleaners should use appropriate signs when cleaning the office so as to warn the workers that the floor is slippery. When the workers get injured at the office, employers should see that they get the needed medical attention. They should also help the injured workers claim their worker’s compensation as a result of the injuries and the injured workers can get a personal injury lawyer to help them with this.

  1.      Falling objects.

Falling objects can also cause head injuries when they land on a worker’s head. The severity of the injuries depends on the weight of the falling objects with heavier items causing fatal injuries. Construction workers, store attendants, and firefighters are at risk of head injuries caused by falling objects and they should wear the right protective gear to protect themselves from the objects. Employers should provide their workers with helmets and replace them when they begin to wear out.

  1.      Motor vehicle accidents.

Motor vehicle accidents also cause head injuries when workers get involved in them. Delivery guys and company drivers are the most susceptible to head injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Such accidents can be avoided by being extra careful when driving. Workers entrusted with driving responsibilities should never drive when intoxicated and they should avoid using their phones when driving so as to not to cause an accident.

  1.      Explosions.

Explosions happening in the workplace are other instances that cause head injuries. Industrial workers and those handling explosive chemicals are at risk of such injuries. Workers should be careful when handling chemicals so as not to cause any explosions in their workstations. They should also wear the right protective gear to protect themselves when the explosions happen.

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