How to Enhance Customer Experience in Your Restaurant with Digital Technologies

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Business Feature

Digital technologies changed the way we see and experience the world in a lot of ways. Today, everything in our life has become “social,” from sharing pictures of our everyday activities, to checking where’s the nearest service on your smartphone. The hospitality and food industry evolved as well, and incorporated the newer technologies to smooth the workload and enhance the customer experience as well.

If you own a restaurant, a cafè, a diner or a hotel, you definitely want to take full advantage of some of the new digital tech stuff. From Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, to digital screens and social marketing, modernization is the key to provide your patrons with a better and more enticing experience if you want to stay above competition.

Let’s see how.

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are an extraordinary technology that quickly revolutionized the food and hospitality industry. They brought innovation by simplifying every step of the process: from selecting the products, to managing the stocks and checking the prices, POS will save you a lot of money and effort.

Other than smoothing your workflow and helping your employees manage daily operations, many POS also come with a lot of features to enhance customer experience. Restaurant orders can be checked in real time, for example, and servers can take them on the spot, reducing the waiting time as more tables are turned. The quality of the service will skyrocket as well as your patron’s happiness.

Digital Graphic Templates

Using a graphic designer for restaurants and hotels will help you provide your customer with a much better-looking presentation of your deals. Whether you want to add more sizzle to a pamphlet, advertise St. Valentine’s special or print up a new menu, a charming design will make wonders.

The color and the design of your templates will help you establish a connection between your customers and your brand. A sumptuous promotional table talker or a new advertising pamphlet can be personalized with ease, and the newer software will allow you to achieve great results with minimal efforts. Integration with social media is also extremely quick, and you don’t need to pay a professional to plan an eye-catching design that you can now even print from within the app!

Going Social

People Instagram their food pictures every day, multiple times a day (some of them are even annoying). No other industry more than the food one has become so obsessed with social. Food has become something to show, just as much as clothes, and everybody craves for the best dish that doesn’t just taste good, but that looks good as well.

So take advantage of this fad, and leverage it by making your make your customer’s experience as social as possible. Isn’t that easy? Use your digital menu displays to go social by displaying social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let them glorify their pictures on your digital screen so they get a buzz from taking as many food shots as they can while they share it on their accounts. Let your patrons advertise your brand spontaneously and do the job for you!

Digital Screens and Menus

Digital screens will catch everybody’s attention and are a great way to provide your customers with the information of your choice. Other than stimulating their appetite with great pictures of the dishes you’re serving, a digital menu board is a unique option to show them those special deals you’re offering right before they complete their purchase.

They can get a little “larger” with their order and get that amazing deal that will make their dining experience even tastier – while providing you with even more revenues. Upsells and promotions can be timed and made interactive with a sprinkle of creativity while planning your daily menu.

Although incorporating some of the newer elements offered by technology in your business may seem complicated, it’s a road you want to walk as soon as possible. The race to modernization has just begun, with digitalization being nothing but the first step. Don’t fall behind if you don’t want to quickly become obsolete. Even if you’re not ready to take advantage of the new technologies, your competitors will definitely be.

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