Personal Injuries at Work: How to Protect Your Employees

by | Nov 11, 2017 | Business Feature

Accidents at the workplace can be a major setback for the company. These accidents not only cause financial losses but can also cause severe injuries or even death. The company should, therefore, ensure that every employee receives proper training on avoiding accidents. There should be a quick follow up and training for the new staff as they are prone to causing more accidents because of little knowledge on the probable causes of accidents in the company.

Some of the practices that can be employed at the workplace to protect employees from personal injuries include;

1. Provide Protective Gear

Give every employee the necessary protective equipment like goggles, face protection, and safety shoes. You should as well make a follow up and ensure everyone uses their protective equipment as needed. Replace any worn protective equipment to ensure safety is maintained at all times. The safety equipment should also conform to the standards required.

2. Step by Step Working

Insist that your employees follow the right procedure for every work done. If there is a place to put on gloves, then there should be no reason not to have them on. Some of the jobs in the workplace may be repetitive which can create familiarity hence too much confidence that can lead to shortcuts. Many accidents happen out of opting for quicker non-procedural steps, and this should be completely discouraged.

3. Find out the Safety Vulnerabilities

Different businesses are prone to various accidents. Even in similar companies, the safety hazards might still differ for some reasons such as the environment and arrangement of your workplace. It is therefore essential to study your work environment thoroughly, find out any hazards that might raise a personal injury case, and establish measures of curbing it. You should as well take note of common injuries and work out a remedy.

4. Keenly Screen all Job Applicants

Some employees can intentionally cause accidents for personal gains. Ensure the employees you absorb into the company don’t have a history of injury claims. Do a proper background check to avoid picking on fraudsters. Carefully screening job applicants is an excellent early way of avoiding the wrong workforce. Ensure every employee understands the consequences of an injury fraud and the penalties involved to minimize such cases.

5. Good Housekeeping

Ensure your employees keep the workplace clean and orderly. Some little negligence such as drops of water on the workshop floor can cause unimaginable injuries. Make it a rule for every employee to keep their worktable clean and organized. Also, ensure you abide by the safety rules that govern the kind of business you have.


Protection of employees at the workplace should be a priority to every employer and preventing workplace injuries boils down to preparation. Provide a safe working environment for your employees at all costs. Injuries to employees can lead to compensation claims from the employee, loss of company property and more. It can as well land the company on the wrong side of the law. It is therefore essential for every company to make sure safety measures are put in place to curb any occurrences that can cause personal injury.

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