Things You Need to do After You Move Into Your New Home

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Health Featured

Moving into a new home is exciting. It’s your chance for a fresh start. Once the move is complete and you have the keys, it’s time to set up shop, be acclimated to the area and create a comfortable and safe environment for you and your family. Here’s a list of common items that you should take care of within the first week of your arrival.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

Even if the prior homeowner’s or contractors picked up the place prior to your arrival you should still go room by room and do a thorough cleaning. Wiping down the walls and ceiling and cleaning out the ducts and the vents are not common places people generally clean. A brush over of the floors, carpets, and appliances will give you peace of mind in knowing that your new home is truly clean.

Maintaining a Bug-Free Home

No home is without occasional flying insects and bugs. However, an infestation is not something you want to have happen. Hiring a pest control service will provide you with effective coverage to prevent bugs and other pests from taking up residence in your home. It doesn’t matter what town or city you move to, bugs are present. If you move to Las Vegas you can look through the yellow pages or search the web to find reputable companies that offer pest control in Las Vegas.

Term Life Insurance

When you close on a home and take out a mortgage with a lender you automatically have homeowner’s insurance included. What’s not included is term life insurance. Even if you are young, newly married and just starting to raise a family, term life insurance is something to consider. Unlike life insurance, a term life insurance payment comes directly to the surviving spouse. This allows the remaining parent to spend the money how they want. They can use it to cover medical expenses, school, pay off debt or leave it in a retirement fund and use it only as needed.

Security System

Even if you move into a low crime area, a crime can still take place. Drifters from neighboring areas generally map out places outside their hometown to remain virtually invisible. If you have nice things, children and pets, having a security system installed will give you peace of mind while you are at work or attending functions. Many of the newer security systems use high-tech equipment giving you access to HD quality video recordings. They also have downloadable Apps that let you perform certain functions for most any location like closing the garage, viewing your home’s interior and exterior and even giving you the ability to detect if there’s heat or moisture present. With this type of system in place, you can leave for work or play and know that your personal belongings and family are safe.

Register Your Vehicles, Change Your Auto Insurance and Acquire a New License

Within the first three months of moving most states require that you change your auto insurance, register your vehicles and acquire a new license. This is something that you should do sooner rather than later. It’s easy to lose track of time in your home and your new job, and then before you know it, the three months are up.

Moving Company

If you used a moving company to transport your things across the country make sure that everything arrived and without any damage. This may take the entire first week before you can say one way or another the final verdict. Hopefully, you made a list of your furniture and the number of boxes and their contents.

Keeping Track of the Receipts

If your move is job-related, many companies will cover some, if not all of the expenses involved. Even if the company isn’t covering the cost of the move, you can still use the receipts as a tax deduction for the next year.

Making the decision to move can be easier than you might imagine if you make a checklist for the receiving end. With your list in hand, you can take the first week to get your home setup, get a security system and a pest control service in place and transfer your insurance, plates and acquire a new license. From there it’s time to enjoy your new home and community.

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