Water Desalination: Why Is It Becoming a Necessity For Modern World?

by | Nov 16, 2017 | World Featured

Desalination is the process in which the salty water is processed to remove the salt from it and make it useable and drinkable. This method not only removes the salt from the water but also remove the bacteria and other minerals that are not suitable for health. In many regions where water scarcity is an issue, this method is widely used to fulfil the need of people. Both the developed and developing countries use desalination method these days to get freshwater.

As the population of the world is increasing, so is the demand of freshwater. It is not possible to provide fresh water to billions of people in the world. The natural water sources are not enough to meet the demand of freshwater. The depleting water resources have made everyone worried because in the next couple decades, we will not have enough natural resources to complete our requirement. Therefore, water desalination is the process which can be very helpful in this matter.

The countries that have no natural reserves of freshwater and where droughts occur regularly, use desalination process to get an uninterrupted supply of clean and fresh water. There are many countries in the world which are now using water treatment methods for drinking, crop irrigation, cleaning and other purposes on a very large scale. Israel is one of the countries who largely depends on the desalination to get more than 80% of their drinking water.

The most commonly used technique to purify the sea water is reverse osmosis, also known as RO. Reverse osmosis is the most energy and cost efficient method to remove the minerals and impurities from the water. The RO plants these days do not cost high as compared to other methods for water treatment. Nowadays, RO plants are being installed on big ships and yachts so there will be no water related issues while you are in the ocean. All the hotels, resorts and restaurants now use these plants to meet their requirement without importing the water from outside.

Reverse osmosis plants can remove almost 100% of the bacteria and salts from the water making it perfect for drinking, irrigation, cleaning, washing and other tasks. RO plants use a membrane which dissolves the harmful particles and salts when water is passed through it at high pressure. It not also remove the microscopic organisms but also removes the odor from the water. RO plants is still considered the best and most economical solution for water treatment.

As the population of the world is rapidly increasing and the fresh water reserves are depleting fast, there is no other way but to use desalination method for clean water. Nowadays schools, colleges, hotels, govt. institutions and corporations use RO plants, which greatly reduces the water cost and also ensures the reusability. There are several types and sizes of RO plants that are available in the market. Each of these have different production rates and costs. You can consult with any desalination expert to recommend you a plant according to your needs.

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