3 Tips that Make SaaS Marketing Efforts More Productive

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Technology Featured

A Software as a Service (SaaS) product has not tangible or physical appearance. It is simply an application stored on a remote machine existing somewhere in the cloud. Considering its nature, such a product is constantly evolving. This is because agile programmers tend to release updates frequently to refine, improve, and append new capabilities.

Further, a few of these products are developed only for B2B companies. Thus, SaaS products differ a bit from other products and so do their B2B marketing strategy. While these distinct aspects of SaaS may be challenging for inbound marketing, they do not suppress the underlying benefits.

However, only a good marketing plan can expose them to realization. With a suitable marketing approach, SaaS companies can positively launch new products, make true-to-life estimates, and achieve the targeted progress level.

Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that several of these firms somehow lack in running successful SaaS promotion campaigns. Most of the time, the main reason behind this is the inability to comprehend the marketing solutions for cloud from different degrees and from diverse customer bases. Even time is a challenge, as there is not much time to increase revenues to pay off the customer acquisition cost. Keeping this in mind, following are some tips that can make your SaaS marketing campaign productive:

Find Out the Most Distinct Aspect of Your SaaS Product

The SaaS market is full of diverse products. According to the International Data Corporation, by 2018, 20% of money spent on software will be from the cloud market. This itself says a lot about the rising competition. Thus, to be on the top, it is indispensable to go beyond a basic product description.

In other words, consider adding some most distinct points that make your product stand out and back all declarations with rational evidence. Focus on emphasizing benefits against features that no other products may be giving. To do this, just find out “Why this product is better than others?”

Leverage Both Current Cloud Trends as well as Customers

Before creating a marketing campaign, it is critical to comprehend and leverage cloud technology trends. It is a great idea to map your SaaS product or solution with unfulfilled requirements in real life scenarios in cloud. This shall gain more attention of both the customers and critics.

Once the marketing strategy works, consider interacting with the happy customers. Get their reviews, feedback, and notions to improve your product and tune your consumer personas. Their successful experiences shall give you appealing case studies, especially for new customers who can look for them on your official site and social media pages. The happy customers also contribute to brand loyalty.

Implement Remarketing

Remarketing is the direct cause of increased subscriptions. It works for those who have subscribed to a free trial. So, allure these customers with additional free offers such as video-based tutorials, infographics, and eBooks, especially through social media. Just ensure that the content shared is useful in mastering their skills for using the product or solving a problem that they may face while working with the product.

The underlying idea is to make them feel as precious customers. Be sure, too, that your content is designed to help them get to grips with your SaaS product, and solves any pain points that might hinder the onboarding process.

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