Easy Steps for a Hassle-free Laser Hair Removal Therapy

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Health Featured

From shaving to waxing, you may have been doing for years and if you want to put an end to such a continuous process then you require a permanent solution. There can’t be a more appropriate one, than laser hair removal treatment.

What is it?

Well, Laser Hair removal is a certified medical procedure performed by doctors dealing in dermatology or cosmetic surgery with specialization in hair removal. Considering the complexities involved, only a renowned and experienced transformation centre will do justice.

Laser Hair removal equally comes with certain attributes to be cared for as well.

Precautions to take:-

  1. Don’t tan yourself before getting laser treatment

Laser hair removal treatment strictly forbids you to tan yourself. Yes, if you have experienced tan either from staying under the sun or using related products, and wish to go through Laser hair removal in Singapore, then you need to wait till the time, it completely fades or withers away. It is highly likely to wait for upto six weeks before you undergo one of the medically proven treatments which is being practiced and followed across the globe.

  1. Stop waxing or plucking

Do you know that if you use hair removal products, then it may well effect hair follicle and the subsequent treatment will not yield positive results.

After you have undergone the treatment, the operated area may visually give you the impression that it is sunburned. Well, moisturizers may come handy during such times.

It is important to schedule a consultation with doctor for making clear the following things:-

Consult Doctor

  • Know about the changes which the laser hair removal treatment will potentially bring in your life. Yes, ask from the doctor if there are any accompanied risks associated with the treatment and the accompanied solution to counter the same as well.
  • Know the in-depth treatment procedure along with the cost which is going to be incurred as well
  • You will likely to be told to take “before” and “after” assessment.

The list of things you are likely to experience during Laser Hair removal treatment

  • As the treatment is going to start, your hair will be trimmed to just few millimeters. As per the medical necessities, you will be told to wear eye protection and gel may well be applied to give protection to your skin’s outer layer.
  • In medical terms, you will be treated with a certain light on the specific area for minutes together and all of this is done under specific settings as well to make the process medically viable as well.
  • Well, post treatment, you may be given certain cooling items in terms of anti-inflammatory creams to minimize the prevailing discomfort which it may be causing to you. Usually the doctor advise you to visit again, in a matter of four-six weeks and you are likely to visit till the time, you experience hair has stopped growing completely.

Only a well organized entity will do wonders for such a treatment which demands specialized hands and equipments. As you follow the aforesaid procedure, you are going to experience a pleasant change too.

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