The Main Causes of Varicose Veins

by | Dec 17, 2017 | Health Featured

Varicose or pneumonic veins are an unfortunate problem for millions of people around the world. A condition with a variety of unavoidable risk factors behind it, it seems to especially affect women as they get older, have gone through pregnancy or had unhealthy lifestyles.

Despite the understanding of these risk factors, doctors have still struggled to draw all the connections between them and generating the causes of pneumonic blood vessels. What is understood is how different causal factors influence the development of pneumonic blood vessels.

While only a cosmetic issue for some affected people, others suffer from pain and discomfort in the form of aching blood vessels. To deal with the problem anyone affected will usually seek out varicose veins treatment in Melbourne.

The following will discuss the leading causes of pneumonic blood vessels.

Weakening Valves

The primary and most commonly understood cause for pneumonic blood vessels are weak or damaged blood valves in people’s legs.

Since the blood that is pumped from the heart to the legs must return to the heart to complete circulation, moving back up the legs means a fight against gravity. Therefore simply by virtue of being upright creatures, humans are constantly at risk of this cause of pneumonic blood vessels.

These one-way valves within the blood vessels will open to let blood through and close again to prevent it from flowing back down. Over time these valves can become faulty from damage, letting blood flow back down and pool in the vessels.

This pooling of blood, especially around people’s ankles, causes swelling that eventually shows on the skin in the form of pneumonic or “spider” veins.

The most common way the valves become damaged is by the walls of blood vessels losing their natural elasticity. When this happens it loosens the walls of the blood vessel, creating further separation between the opening and shutting flaps of the blood valves.

When those flaps in the valve become separated, it becomes easier for blood to fall back through them. The reason varicose veins treatment in Melbourne is most commonly applied to the legs is because the gravity factor allows the blood the fall back through where it otherwise would not happen in other parts of the body.

Other Factors

While the loosening of the blood valves is the biggest culprit behind pneumonic blood vessels, other causes exaggerate the symptoms.

Factors of someone’s lifestyle such as obesity or standing/sitting for long periods of time at work or other activities will accelerate the loosening of the valves. Increased weight means more pressure on the blood vessels and a lack of lying down means a constant force of gravity on the flow of blood up the legs.

The same principles also apply during pregnancy as the growing foetus will increase blood flow and put more pressure on the mother’s legs.  For this reason many mother can suffer from pneumonic blood vessels that go away following childbirth.

These factors combined with the increased hormonal stress of female puberty and the effects of birth control drugs contribute to the fact women tend to experience this issue more than men.

While there is a primary internal body cause for pneumonic blood vessels, this cause can be exaggerated by other lifestyle factors. For these reasons its clear why so many people, especially women, are seeking varicose veins treatment in Melbourne.

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