The top 3 places to visit in Raja Ampat

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Travel Featured

Comprising of close to 1,000 islands, Raja Ampat is recognised to be one of the most beautiful island chains in all of Indonesia, if not the world. It is full of bays, lagoons and different kinds of unbelievable nature.

It is the definition of fairy tale beauty and expectation with perfect white sand beaches, large palm trees and the most transparent water ever seen. Below are 3 defining islands that you absolutely must see.

Wayag Island

According to Best in Australia, Wayag Island is one of the best places to visit. Covering an abnormal amount of 383,013 hectares, you will find alongside the coasts of this island to be pristine white sand beaches beneath the alluring blue skies.

This island is riddled with superb atolls that are seeping nature. What many tourists find to be the most gorgeous and attractive are the Karst islands born along the coast. Characterised as large mushrooms sprouting from beneath the surface of the sea, the islands are mysterious beauties.

These captivating aspects alongside the crystal clear waters surround Wayag Island allow tourists an unhindered insight into the treasure trove of flora and fauna which submerge themselves beneath the surface.

With such beautiful and transparent water, Raja Ampat eco resort on Wayag Island are very popular amongst divers who enjoy being able to interact with these detailed displays of the mysteries Indonesian nature here.

Other tourists who come to Wayag Island find themselves enjoying long but worthwhile hikes to the top, where they can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole archipelago. The peak of these hikes display beauties of nature that meet the expectations of all tourists who visit.

Teluk Kabui

The beauty of the islands doesn’t extend to Wayag Island alone but you’ll see the nature develop in different and more enchanting ways at Teluk Kabui. This alluring bay is placed between Waigeo and Gam and is beautifully lit by its light blue hue in the waters that contrast perfectly with the white sand beaches.

What you will find in Teluk Kabui that is highlighted the most more than any other aspect are its almost dreamy jungle-topped limestone islets which are more defining Karst islands. These islands are much larger than the ones in Wayag Island and almost appear crafted to perfection.

Those who arrive at Teluk Kabui will be delighted to enjoy the standard Raja Ampat eco resorts that provide for numerous activities. Any motivated diver will be mesmerised once they see the Batu Lima dive spot in front of the bay’s entrance which is overtaken with beautiful fish in packs and soft corals beneath the surface of the water.

These resorts will also have the equipment to allow tourists to kayak or ships to enjoy throughout the bay. As with all of the Indonesian nature, any hike to the tops of these islands will be worth it, rewarding tourists with the grandest scenery.

Fam Islands

Considered to be one of the best diving sites in all of Raja Ampat, the Fam Islands are unrivalled calm waters with stunning corals beneath the surface, packs of fish swimming throughout and relaxing beaches to enjoy.

You will find after arriving at the Fam Islands there will be remote reefs throughout the area which are painted with both colour and life all over. Within the Fam Islands is Melissa’s Garden, one of the world’s oldest coral reefs, overflowing with detail and underwater displays.

You will find that Melissa’s Garden’s name to be truly reflective of its nature, as beneath the water is an endless amount of corals, and underwater beauty to behold. The corals here are both soft and hard with fishes of every type, ranging from beautiful reefsharks, pinjalo snappers, surgeon fish, ribbon eels, pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish and many more.

Inside the Raja Ampat resorts at Fam Islands, you will find staff who are happy to guide you through the whole endeavour. They provide all of the equipment necessary to dive, kayak and hike all throughout the islands.

After Melissa’s Garden, at the surface is Fam Lagoon, which features a beautiful bay of translucent, light blue water that shines with the glitter of the sun. It contrasts well between the dark blue hues of the sea. With a walk up wooden stairs, you will find at the top of the Fam Islands to be one of the most magnificent panoramic views of your life, featuring Fam Islands and the Halmahera Sea itself.


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