Things to Keep in Mind When You Hire Your Wedding Photographer

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Entertainment Feature

Weddings can be a busy affair and brides tend to miss out on certain details when it comes to choosing the vendors for their wedding. It’s important to get the best when it comes to your wedding because every moment created is a memory that will last a lifetime.

To cherish these beautiful moments here are some tips to keep in mind while you hire a wedding photographer:

Hire the best

Hiring the best doesn’t necessarily mean someone who is expensive or someone with amazing reviews. The best is what you think the best is. Talk to different photographers and the best Sydney wedding photographers may be the one that captures what you want on your album.

Have a look of their previous work to judge by the quality of their work.  Make sure they capture the intimacy between the couple in their work.  Don’t go by quantity; always look into the quality of their work. You can never go wrong when you think it’s the best.

Choose your style

There are many album styles and formats you can choose from, like wedding photo-journalism, which is like a story telling style of wedding photography where the photographer uses their creative eye to capture and interpret the moments around them.

Fine-art wedding photography is more artistic and uses artistic angles, unique compositions, creative lighting and post-production techniques to capture the best image with the occasional lens flare.

Fashion wedding photography focuses on elements such as the clothing and other fashion items for commercial purposes.

The last style is traditional wedding photography, which involves the photographer being the coordinator, guiding and directing the wedding.

Think about the light

When you pick a venue choose something that has enough natural lighting to go with your photography. Go with bright walls and big rooms because as the room gets smaller and darker the photos tend to lose their natural charm.

The photographers can’t work magic with camera flashes. Also keep in mind to have the ceremony before it’s too late to gather some good portraits before the sun starts to set.  For an amazing first look shot as you see each other for the first time that day, use natural day light.

Creative shots

Get creative with some shots that will make you smile every time you look at it in the years to come.  The best Sydney wedding photographers are a creative bunch because they will have shots that will look so good on your wall. Don’t be afraid to dance to their tunes because rest assured it will look the best on print.

Speaking of dancing, your first dance is certainly something you want the photographer to capture. If you are unsure about your dancing skill, then enlisting in some private dance lessons is a good option!


The essence of a panic free photoshoot is time. Give your photographer enough time to capture moments before the ceremony to create the essence in your photo story wedding. Get ready before time to ensure that he gets good pictures of your dress, the shoes and other accessories.

It also reduces the last minute hurry burry before the ceremony. Time your group shots as well because you will want to cover everyone who came to be with you on your special day.


Make sure your photographer is experienced in the field. Make sure that he has been around in the business for a while and also check if they are comfortable with different locations and have the ability to shoot with different lighting and weather. You need to capture the essence of every moment from the moment you enter through the aisle to your exit.


Make sure that your Sydney wedding photographers fits into your budget. Don’t fixate on someone who exceeds your budget; make sure you ask around for more quotes because there will always be an option that fits your requirements.

Ask and make sure that there are no hidden costs attached which will pop up while you settle your bill. Make the amount you are willing to pay clear.

Choosing the best photographer in Sydney according to your requirements can be a task and it can be made easy by keeping in mind these tips before you seal the deal.  

You will never go wrong when you follow your instincts and listen to your heart because you’ve made the most decision to choose your better half so this shouldn’t be that difficult. It marks the start of an amazing journey between the two of you as you start the rest of your life.


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