What Is Wrong With Writing College Papers as Part of the Educational Process?

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Education Feature

Over the past few years, there has been a rising growth of custom writing services like customessayorder.com. In fact, this has turned out to be a golden opportunity for intellectuals as a side hustle. A lot of writing websites have been created to link students and tutors. Some tutors have even taken custom writing as a full-time job. They now work at home at their comforts. Students also have seen this opportunity and have invested heavily in it. They no longer have to worry about being stressed by assignments. They just assign it out to someone who will do the best job for them. Life has been easy!

The big question here is what is wrong with writing college papers as part of the educational process? The emphasis on the importance of college papers has been downgraded. Both parties involved, students and lecturers have found it a difficult task. You can’t blame all this on the student. The professors are also to blame because most of them have seen or treat marking college papers as time wastage. A lot of repetition and plagiarism is evident. This makes the marking very boring.

College is viewed as a professional training to get the important certificate ultimately. Students are, therefore, bound to go study and get the basic requirements for any decent job. They may not necessarily have the passion for what they are studying. They are forced to pass through college as a necessity.

Such students with no passion end up viewing assignments as stressful. They view doing assignments as a complete waste of time. They have many fun activities they would rather do than waste thirteen hours writing a simple college paper.  The education system has been ignored. These students may end up getting out of college having learned nothing and with the mentality that many other ways have achieved success without college degrees. Look at the richest people such as Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, they dropped out of college and still made it. Such people have motivated students that they can still be successful without so much struggle in education.

The grading has been very difficult too. If in any case the professor marks the assignment and grades it, students may think they are hated because of low grades. An attempt to make them rewrite the papers is also wasteful. Few students will go that extra mile to look keenly on the corrections. These are the particularly good students who are concerned about their grades. The other lot will not even pay attention to the corrections, let alone to the grade. This leads to an influx of half-baked students or so to say.

Another problem is that since most professors view marking as boring, they assign them to someone else. This other person will go through the papers too fast. The professor will never actually know which of their students need help. The frustrated students with low grades will rather give out their assignments to professional tutors to increase their GPA. These students will hardly look at the work. They may even end up not having a clue of what was taught. With the rapid rise of professional writers, such students have an easier way of doing the work. They may even use what has already been done or steal a paper to meet the professor’s deadline. This way they have added no value to themselves.

Writing college papers as part of the educational process is therefore not the most fruitful assessment nowadays. It should not be a basis to grade all the students. College papers should be left out to students who have a passion for it. These students can major in English because they love it. Then more creative and interesting college papers can be seen. Also the grading for such will go up because the students are willing to write. Those students who don’t love writing will be spared the boredom. They can settle on other subjects which they are more passionate about like humanities.

To increase the effectiveness of grading and education, the system should return to old-school ways of oral and written examinations. For the oral ones, students have no other option but to study hard. The grading is also very simple because if someone knows what they are talking about they pass. If they don’t, then they fail. For written ones, the students are left with no option. They will have to write something because the professor is right in the room.

Old school grading will be effective since we have proven that it is indeed easy to fake a paper. It will stimulate the thinking of students and eventually cultivate a new culture of hard work. Even if this takes a long time to be achieved, it is the most effective way of improving the education system. The professors will know how each student is based on their performance. The grading system will be improved. Also through effective ways of correcting students, their performance will improve. So, should college papers be made optional?

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