Writing a Research Paper: Use a Mind Map to Do it Better

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Education Feature

What Is a Mind Map and How to Use It for Writing Your Research Paper?

While in college, students often write essays and are expected to be intellectually equipped with the writing skills. However, essay writing poses as a challenge to many students. Writing a research paper is relatively difficult for many students since many not only engage in plagiarism but also find it hard to cite their sources. To be good in writing a research paper, you ought to be an avid reader. This helps you be knowledgeable about many things not only around you but also globally. Additionally, students do not understand what is expected of them when writing a research paper; thus, many opt to write just for the sake of writing. This interferes vastly with their grades. A research paper necessitates that you fully comprehend what you are writing about and that you clearly note the necessary details that are needed in the article. In addition, it is essential that you have an idea of what you are writing about to enable you easily draft an outline.

Why to use a mind map

Drafting an outline can be rather challenging since your ideas have to be flowing systematically. However, you can use a mind map which is essentially helpful. It helps you draft ideas in an orderly manner which relate to your topic. A mind map is usually created as a single concept to help visually organize your ideas. It helps you come up with different subtopics which are directly related to the main concept. Other ideas are now easily derived from these subtopics. Additionally, mind maps help you become more creative and allow you to state your opinions which do relate with the topic in place.

How to use a mind map for writing a research paper

The essence of using a mind paper when writing a research paper is that it makes the writing process a bit simpler. With the ideas roughly structured, it is quite easy to have a clear and precise outline for your article. Additionally, you have a vivid memory of the incorporated words and images which makes the writing process a bit enjoyable.

Ways of using a mind map for writing your paper

Mind mapping is one of the most efficient ways of writing a research paper. You capture your thoughts and visually have them lively organized. There are various ways of using a mind map when writing a research paper. Writers at essaykitchen.net recommend you to consider the following techniques of using a mind map to write your research paper.

  • Note down your topic at the center of a blank page. Write down one or two words if the topic is too long and circle it. This gives room for you to come up with ideas and draft them more easily and naturally.
  • Jot down your ideas. Include any words or images which relate directly to the topic. This helps you brainstorm and come up with the relevant subtitles for your mind map. Draw lines with different color pens to show that it is related to the topic; this will enable you to distinguish one from the other. ¬†Each subtitle you have enables you to come up with as many ideas as possible. Additionally, you can write down your own opinions which are unrelated to the topic roughly so as to include them later on.
  • Write down your subtitles. Begin with any ideas or images that relate to the topic. Circle them and connect them to the topic with curvy lines of different colors. Each subtitle you note helps you come up with other related ideas; these ideas also present other ideas.
  • Link your subtitles. Connect your main subtitles to the topic in question. Connect the other levels of subtitles to the first and second subtitles. This shows you how clearly they are associated. In addition, it helps you easily understand and remember your ideas vastly.
  • Label your mind map. Labeling the circles of your mind map can enable you to easily understand and note where each subtitle lies. This will help you come up with a clear outline which itself makes the writing process simpler.
  • Use pictorial representations in your mind map. Images help you easily come up with ideas; this enables you to have as many words as possible.
  • Have your map next to you as you write. You cannot write an entire research paper without referring. The essence of having a mind map is to make the writing process much simpler so it consumes less time. Having your mind paper next to you as you write helps your article have a systematic flow.


In conclusion, writing a research paper is one of the challenging tasks students encounter when writing. However, with the use of a mind map, the writing process is much easier to comprehend. Ideas seem to flow steadily since you have a clear draft which you can refer to. Additionally, a mind map helps bring your thoughts to life.


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