5 Benefits of ESTA Form

by | Jan 26, 2018 | Travel Featured

Electronic System for Travel Authorization is used to evaluate whether someone is legible to step on US Soil under Visa Waiver Program or not. The US Compares applicant’s info against the database; it’s a replacement for the old green card. There is some criticism surrounding the new system, but it offers a lot of benefits. Following, we are going to discuss them in details.

No Attorney

With the ESTA Form, you no longer have to pay for an immigration lawyer to travel to the United States. Countless travel companies ease the whole procedure for a small fraction of thefee. But even this small fee is a waste of money.

ESTA Application is very simple; it will take only 15 minutes, and costs $14. However, foreigners with criminal penalties against them should be careful. Also, people who had immigration problems even with a lawyer should be careful, and enter straightforward answers in the application form.

No Frustration

It will be better to submit your ESTA Form 72 hours before your travel to the US. While you complete the form, you better get the following details ready:

  • Password
  • Address in US
  • Flight Details

As you complete the application, you need to safe keep application number with you all times.

You don’t need a printout with you for Customs, but you should have it for your own record keeping. Moreover, it can save your skin if any information needs changing.

No Hurdles

As you have submitted the ESTA Form, you only have to forward your email, and to stay address with the authorities. You better update them if you change your plan, it’s for your own benefit.  Also, if you are going to travel to some other countries instead of United States, you will have to apply once again for ESTA.

This may sound un-ideal, but considering you don’t have to beg a travel agent or attorney. Instead, you need to submit the form once again for a small fraction and wait for 2-3 days instead of months. It’s bliss! With the ESTA Form, no intermediary needed here; you can contact the authorities directly on your own.

Easy Renewal

In case a foreigner already has ESTA Benefits, they better renew it time to time to enjoy continuous traveling without any restriction. Remember, ESTA only lasts for 24 months, or are valid as long as your passport. So, you better renew them to make sure they don’t put a stop to your travels.


If you have been arrested before or had issues with immigration, you better mention it clearly on your ESTA Form. If you fail to present such details yourself, this act will be seen as a fraud, and your application will be inadmissible. However, if you mention this yourself, you can expect some leniency. Having some problems with the law may look bad on the visa application, but hiding it can make things even worse. So, you better come up straight in your application.

End Word

The conventional Green Card needed hours of work, on contrary ESTA form only takes mere minutes. On top of that, you are only paying $14, of which $10 will be credited back if your application is not approved. If you compare this to the old-fashioned way, you get tons of saving and save weeks of hard work.

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