Early Game of Thrones Withdrawal Symptoms

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

Game of Thrones may very well have been the foremost hit television series of all time.  Of course, personal taste determines which series is any one person’s favourite show of all time.  It might be a fact that more people would rank Game of Thrones first than any other show.  Even though rumor has it that the final season will air only in two years’ time, the ultimate withdrawal has already begun.

This is seen by the endless prognosticating that is going on regarding the final season.  We’ll take the bait even though we suspect that the final season will have surprises that no one anticipates!

A Massive Television Experience

Game of Thrones has spawned careers, made stars out of ordinary actors.  It has even been adapted as a hit casino online slots game!  One of the biggest criticisms television series receive after they are off the air is that the show ended poorly or too abruptly or that the creators lacked vision for the finale.  Game of Thrones long ago announced that the upcoming season would be its last so the creators have had a long time to flesh out the final set of events and what the world of Westeros will look like when the series ends.

They had better not fail!  Long-time fans will never forgive them if they leave everyone hanging or if the end is as unsatisfying as the end of Lost was.  That show lost years of fans because they made a complete hash of the end.  Game of Thrones will likely go out in a blaze of glory.  We would like to know what that blaze of glory will look like!

Johnny Get Your Arrow, Sword, or Spear

The Great War with the White Walkers actually began in the seventh season as the wall came down and the Army of the Undead entered Westeros.  This war will force rival leaders to unite.  This is a phenomenon that we have seen throughout history.  It is being played out before our eyes today in places like Syria where one side supports another side that is the enemy of a third side which the first side also supports!

We can’t tell you the names of all these sides because our head explodes every time we think about it too much.  If the war in Syria were not so truly tragic, it would have made a great television series!

Unlikely Allies

But back to Game of Thrones – the Great War will force Cersei Lannister to join forces with Jon Snow and Daenarys Targaryen.  This pact will prove to be Westeros’s finest hour of heroism but will also likely cost Cersei her throne.

The Great War might take up the greater part of two or more episodes.  War strategy and execution will excite fans of war games.  The different tactics the defenders of Westeros advance for the war effort may determine the leaders’ standing when the White Walkers are finally defeated.  If any single fighter or military leader proves decisively heroic, he or she will be foremost in the popular mind of the people for the throne.

Succession to the Throne

The Iron Throne remains up for grabs even though Cersei Lannister currently occupies it.  She is a weak ruler primarily because no one could support her manifest evil.  If any pretender to the throne, or current occupant, were to meet his or her end and not be mourned it would be Cersei Lannister.  She defiantly defended her evil son and vowed to execute his murderers.  Few would shed a tear if she met an untimely end.

In the novels, Maggy the Frog predicts that Cersei will be choked to death by the valonqar.  This has been a minor point in the seven seasons but might return to prominence in the final season.

The most likely ruler to replace Cersei remains Daenarys Targaryen.  Jon Snow is also a possible candidate and if he proves to be related to Daenarys there could be succession tensions between them going forward.

Still, they have been the most popular characters to have endured seven seasons thus far so we can’t expect one of them to be killed off in the final season.  Instead, we expect that the news that Snow is actually a Targaryen to prove false and he might very well wed Daenarys.

A Stark Family Reunion

We also expect Arya and Sansa Stark to remain prominent characters in the last season.  We would not be surprised to find that a witch arrives who can cure Bran Stark’s paralysis.  The power of the Stark legacy may play a very big role going forward.  No one survives all the way to the end of Game of Thrones without being a big time player at the end!

Fame Never Ending

One thing is certain.  Game of Thrones will live on seemingly forever in reruns and other marketing avenues.  The most prominent actors’ careers will get a massive boost when they no longer have to get made up for Game of Thrones.  It will be fun to see Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Maisie Williams, Lena Headey, and Sophie Turner in post Game of Thrones roles.

We hope they choose to try their hands at comedy!

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