Four ways to boost your student social skills

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Education Feature

When you head off to university, it goes without saying that your priority must be your studies. However, leaving home and starting your new adventure also means a new lease of social life, a chance to make new friends and to build your confidence in brand new social situations. Here are some ways to help you get settled in.

Your home

One of the most important things that will help you boost your social skills and settle in at university is the place where you live. It’s no problem if you want to rent a place on your own, but if you like being around people, have a good look around at the student accommodation options available to you. You could go for university halls accommodation, a private student complex, or share a house or flat rented on the open market.

All of these are great options for sharing with other students, but make sure you pick carefully. You will all be living in close confines and will want to make sure that you get on. There’s nothing worse than being unhappy in your home, and it could disrupt your studies.

Freshers Week

Most universities lay on a whole host of activities and events for the first week of your life at university week, known as ‘freshers week.’ It’s a chance not only to get to know more about the place where you’re studying, your lecturers and fellow course-mates but also to have fun! Check out what events are planned and get stuck in. It might be a quiz night in the student bar or a live music event in town. Freshers week is a great chance to let your hair down, meet new people and get settled in. Remember, you’re not alone! There are lots of other people who are also finding their feet and what to get to know all the new faces around them.

Course socials

Most courses hold regular socials, whether it’s a study meeting in the university canteen or a few drinks down the local bar in the evening. Have a lookout for what’s going on. Speak to your fellow course-mates and keep in the know. If not much is being organised, you can always take the lead and lay on an event. Relaxing outside the lecture theatre with others is a great way to get to know those around you, who share some of your own interests.

Clubs and activities

There won’t be a shortage of clubs and activities at your university. So, if you have a bit of spare time on your hands, then check out the listings. You can often find everything from football and rugby, to yoga and salsa! Not only is it a chance to get fit, but also great for socialising with other students. More often than not, there will also be a few drinks or a meal after the sessions, so you can widen your social circle and really settle into your new surroundings.

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